"Lest we forget"

Driving on Pingrey Hill Road, Town of Andover, Allegany County, on the West Side of Road near the WZKZ Radio Tower Base is a lonely Cemetery.  Known by some as Austin Cemetery, the one stone is nearing extinction.  Surrounded by 3 strands of pipe, the weeds have overcome the area and the badly weathered stone is nearly gone.  The stone layers are separated and the face 1/4" surface is on the ground.

From information taken from a book owned by Gerald Green of Andover,NY  "Descendents of William Baker" it is learned that there are two burials, that of Shadrach Austin and his wife, Mary (Polly) Miller b.1790 d.(unknown) but, living in 1855.  No stone is visible for Mary.


The visible inscription on the stone reads:


Born 1790


March 16, 1837

in the 47

year of his age"