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Located less than 1/4 mile from State Route 417 Intersection on County Rt.12 (Elm Valley-Alfred Road)

This information is taken from Cemetery Records (when available), Andover News Archives, Family & Town Historical Records & finally, physically walking the cemetery comparing written records with tombstone information. We feel that the information is as accurate as it can be provided unless variable information comes forth in the future to disprove.
This information is meant to help you in your quest for family. As with all material provided by others, you must verify using your own methods. Please report any errors you may discover (with proof of correction needed) so we can provide accuracy on the web.
This list updated with additions & corrections as of January, 2017.  If you find information or corrections needed email:


Baker, Edward F. (son of Patrick & Mary Baker)   11/20/1880 4mos.12days
Baker, John (son of Patrick & Mary Baker)   8/23/1876 8yrs.7mos.12days.
Baker, Mary Mullen (wife of Patrick Baker buried in St. Johns)   3/23/1881 46yrs.1mo.3days.
Baker, Nancy (wife of Andrew Baker)   3/25/1841 59 yrs.
Berry, Sally (wife of Thomas Berry)   /15/1869
Berry, Thomas (hus of Sally)   3/ /1865 71yrs.
Breeze, Hiram   4/26/1918
Burch, Harriet (wife of John E. Burch) 1822 unkown
Burch, John 0/0/1884 6/8/1908
Burch, John E. (hus. Of Harriet) 1818 1/10/1896
Burch, Martha (wife of ?) 1791 2/00/1880
Burrows, Harriet 3/17/1800 3/27/1876
Chase, Caleb R. (hus. Of Hulda M.)   12/15/1885 75yrs.8mos.26days
Chase, Hulda M. (wife of Caleb R. Chase)   11/4/1885 67yrs.6mos.18days
Chase, Thirza E. (dau. of Caleb & Hulda Chase)   6/3/1859 5yes.6mos.16days
Clark, Angeline Palmer (wife of Varnum Clark)   12/28/1874 70 yrs.
Clark, Varnum (hus. Of Angeline Palmer)   1/17/1878 68 yrs.
Conklin, William (hus. Of Grace Frair) 2/26/1867 2/17/1919
Culver, Charlotte A. (wife of G._ Culver)   10/2/1857 28yrs.9mos.9days
Dayton, Alice M. (wife of George Dayton) 1852 0/0/1899
Dayton, George V. 1849 5/13/1926
Dayton, Harriet A. (wife of John M. Dayton) 1831 0/0/1926
Dayton, James B. (son of John & Harriet Dayton)   7/18/1868 11yrs. 11days
Dayton, John M. 1825 12/27/1888
Dayton, Lue E. (wife of George Dayton) 1864 0/0/1901
Dayton, Mary L. (dau. of Geo. V. & Alice Dayton)   2/29/1872 2mos. 22days
Dunbar (Dunbear) Hannah 1813 1886 73yrs.
Elster, Carl or Earl 1934 1/3/1940
Elster, Esther 1946 0/0/1946
Elster, John C. (hus. Of Mayola R. Schoonover) 7/20/1899 12/28/1970
Elster, Mayola R. Schoonover (wife of John C.) 1903 10/24/1965
Green, Alfred B. (son of Elias S. & Betsy T. Green)   8/5/1853 4yrs 1mo.
Green, Freddie (son of George W. & Sarah)   5/00/1878 3mo.17days
Green, William E.   2/16/1863 44yrs.9mos.7day.
Hackett, Olive C. (wife of W. H. Hackett)   5/5/1884 64yrs.6mos.
Hakes, Billings   6/30/1878 78yrs.
Hakes, Julia   10/3/1869 about 20 yr.
Hakes, Lucy M. ( wife of Billings Hakes)   9/20/1871 58 yrs.
Hallack, Ella D. (dau of Sam'l & Sally A. Hallack)   9/28/1854 1yr.9mos.8days
Hallack, Orin D. (son of Ira & Polly Hallack)   6/11/1862 8yrs. 7mos.
Halsey, Nora (dau. of Mortica & Lilly Baker Halsey)   8/23/1891 16 yrs.
Halsey, Eugene   2/0/1890
Hamilton, Abraham (Civil War) 1820 0/0/1909
Hamilton, Abram (Hus. Of Mary Hakes) (Civil War) 7/25/1823 0/0/1902
Hamilton, Freddie S. (son of William & Eunice Hamilton)   1/19/1871 10mos.8days
Hamilton, Harriet Buroughs (wife of Moses Hamilton) 3/17/1800 3/27/1876
Hamilton, Hattie (dau. of William & Eunice Hamilton)   10/16/1872 8mos.
Hamilton, Joseph S. (hus. Or Mary)   7/25/1864 about 70yrs.
Hamilton, Mary ( wife of Joseph S.Hamilton)   11/28/1867 75yrs.
Hamilton, Mary A. (dau. of William & Eunice Hamilton)   5/14/1862 7 wk. 4 dys
Hamilton, Mary Aurelia Hakes (wife of Abram Hamilton)   11/27/1889 50yrs. 2mos.
Hamilton, Moses 12/27/1799 3/25/1885
Hamilton, P. Randolph (son of William & Eunice Hamilton)   9/10/1869 10yrs.7mos.10days
Hamilton, William C.   1/10/187_ 43yrs.
Hartwell, Azubah (wife of Josiah Hartwell)   6/3/1853 67yrs.10mos.
Hartwell, Charlotte (wife of F. T.Hartwell)   11/30/1847 26yrs.
Hartwell, F. T.   3 or 5/10/1849 31yrs.
Hartwell, Josiah   8/28/1855 68yrs. 5mos.
Hincher, Harvey (hus. Of Nancy W. Covel) NYS Militia 5/4/1809 11/16/1880
Hincher, Nancy W.Covel (wife of Harvey) 9/26/1812 3/9/1875
Hincher, William (hus. Of Lucretia Granger) War of 1812 4/17/1780 5/8/1868
Hitchcock, Jennie D. Kemp (wife John C. Elster & Lewis E.) 8/14/1867 10/26/1950
Hitchcock, Lewis E. (2nd Hus. Of Jennie D. Kemp) 3/2/1882 5/14/1964
Howland, Charlotte N. Kemp (wife of Wilson A. Howland) 2/18/1851 6/7/1913
Howland, Clarrissa T. (wife of Hiram D.) 1824 12/28/1904
Howland, Cyrenus (son of Hiram & Clarrissa)   3/9/1876 21yrs. 9mos.25days
Howland, Floyd (son of Low E. & J.E. Howland)   12/6/1889 1yr.3mos.14days
Howland, Hiram D. (hus. Olf Clarrissa T.) 1823 8/3/1892
Howland, Ida Proctor (wife of Rololpho) 1858 2/20/1902
Howland, Johnnie (son of Rodolpho & Ida) 1877 2/10/1895
Howland, Rodolpho (hus. Of Ida Proctor) 2/2/1865 4/30/1928
Howland, Wilson A. (hus. Of Charlotte N.Kemp) 8/0/1847 2/5/1918
Jones, Augusta Jane Jones (wife of Abraham Jones) 12/4/1873 11/14/1909
Jones, Cloea Dunbar (wife of William Jones)   4/4/1881 57yrs.8mos.16days
Jones, Edward (son of Peter and Elsie Jones)   2/22/1883 6mo.6days
Jones, Elizabeth (wife of W. Jones)   8/16/1867 73yrs.
Jones, George (father of Augusta Jane Jones)   3/23/1925 73yrs.
Jones, William (hus. Of Cloea Dunbar) buried in Valley Brook Cemetery
Kemp, Anna E. Burdick (2nd wife of Samuel C.) 7/0/1839 3/27/1906
Kemp, Arnold F. ( son of John and Laura Lewis Kemp) 0/0/1862 12/13/1863 1yr. 3mos.10days
Kemp, Austin Duane (Hus of Amelia A. Genung) 5/21/1863 7/25/1914
Kemp, Charlotte White (wife of Moses Kemp) 7/24/1804 4/23/1866 62yrs.8mos.29days
Kemp, Freddie A. (son of John and Laura Lewis Kemp) 0/0/1860 8/6/1862 2yrs.3mos.3days
Kemp, Harriet Stanfeld (1st wife of Samuel C.) 6/1/1839 1/24/1856
Kemp, Huldah F. (dau. of John and Laura Lewis Kemp) 0/0/1858 7/23/1862 4yrs. 5days
Kemp, Ira S. (son of Moses & Charlotte White Kemp) 12/20/1848 10/16/1850 1yr.10mos. 26days
Kemp, John Henry (hus. Of Laura Lewis) 10/7/1834 4/15/1915
Kemp, Laura Lewis (wife of John Henry) 9/0/1839 6/9/1909
Kemp, Mary C. (dau. of Moses & Charlotte Kemp) 4/2/1839 2/27/1844
Kemp, Mary J. Lusk (1st wife of Shadrack Kemp) 2/18/1839 10/23/1857 18yrs.8mos.5days
Kemp, Moses (hus. Of Charlotte White) 3/8/1797 11/24/1866 68yrs.8mos.16days
Kemp, Nancy D. (dau. of Moses & Charlott Kemp) 8/23/1840 9/17/1843
Kemp, Samuel C. (hus. Of Harriet S.Stanfeld & Anna E. Burdick) 2/5/1883 8/28/1890 57yrs.6mos.23days
Kemp, Shadrack A. (hus. Of Mary J. & Theodora) (Civil War Vet) 4/20/1832 5/10/1900
Kemp, Theodora T. Foster (2nd wife of Shadrack Kemp) 10/0/1839 0/0/1919
Leonard, Alfred F. (son of Alfred & Mary A. Leonard)   6/10/1852 3yrs.
Leonard, Charles B. (son of Loring & Eunice Leonard)    
Leonard, Charles L. (son of Loring & Eunice Leonard)   1/12/1845 1yr.11mos.21days
Leonard, Eliza (dau. of Loring & Eunice Leonard)    
Leonard, Elizabeth Ferry (wife of Erastus R.) 1829 12/29/1901
Leonard, Emily (dau. of Loring & Eunice Leonard)    
Leonard, Erastus R. (hus. Of Elizabeth Ferry.) 4/12/1822 9/7/1906
Leonard, Euncie Evans (wife of Loring B.) 1804 10/7/1877 78yrs.8mos.
Leonard, Loring B. (hus. Of Eunice Evans) ( War of 1812) 8/29/1791 4/25/1876 84yrs.7mos.27days
Leonard, Loring (son of Loring & Eunice Leonard)    
Leonard, Loring J. (son of Loring & Eunice Leonard)   10/10/1841 2yrs.4mos.19days
Leonard, Lydia J. (dau. of Loring & Eunice Leonard)    
Leonard, Margaret T. 4/17/1831 2/15/1922 91yrs.
Leonard, Sarah   2/7/1929
Leonard, Sarah (dau. of Loring & Eunice Leonard)   9/14/1841 4yrs.13days
Leonard, Wesley B. 1835 1/1/1875 39yrs.11mos.17days
Martin, Ellen G. (dau of Asa & Caroline)   10/3/1810 or 46 1yr 1or 5mo
Mills, Fanny (dau of Ira S. & Clarrrissa Mills)   12/11/1871-7 30yrs 3mos 3days
Osborn Fredrick S. (hus. Of Maria Leonard) 4/27/1832 1/7/1900
Osborn, Earl (son of Ablert & Horatia Osborn)   5/9/1875 2yrs.1mo. 2days
Osborn, Maria Leonard (wife of Fredrick S.) 3/17/1832 2/11/1899
Osborn, Sarah E. (dau. of F.S. & Maria Osborn)   8/10/1856 4yrs 10mos.__days
Rouse, Cynthia M. Kemp (wife of Chester Rouse) 10/2/1836 11/14/1866 30yrs.1mo.12days
Smith, Lydia M. (wife of Samuel Smith)   12/11/1869 44yrs.
Sprague, Alvira D. (dau of David W. & Julia (Zulie)M. Sprague)   1/11/1857 4yrs.9mos.2days
Stephen, Philander (or Philander, Stephen)   7/24/__
Stephens, Infant Boy (son of Mr. & Mrs. Ray Stephens)   4/ 1-4 /1900
Stevens, Lora A. (dau of ? Stevens)   9/4/1852
Sweet, Ettie (dau. of Asa & Aurelia Sweet)   12/15/1877 16yrs.5mos.22days
Tompkins, Edward   1/23/1850 66yrs.10mos.17days
Trowbridge, Caleb D.   3/13/1865 38yrs.
Trowbridge, Elizabeth L. (wife of Caleb Trowbridge)   4/13/1874 52yrs.6mos.24days
Waffle, Andrew (son of George & Betsy Waffle)   2/23/1859 1yr. 2mos.
Waffle, Betsy Knight (wife of George Waffle) 4/2/1820 11/1/1911 92yrs.
Waffle, George


9/8/1884 76yrs.2mos.
Waffle, Rev. W.   10/2/___ 81yrs.
Waffle, Sarah E. (dau. of George & Betsy Waffle) 4/21/1852 4/5/1929
Waffle, William Hernninar   10/ /1929 90yrs.
Wisner, Doty   12/6/1893 48yrs.


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