Canaseraga Cemetery, Town of Burns, Allegany County, NY

(updated lists, 3/12/13)

The Canaseraga Cemetery is located on a hillside just west of the village of Canaseraga in the Town of Burns, NY.  It is an active cemetery and it is well tended. 

The cemetery consists of several sections as follows:    (Click here for map of cemetery)


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The work of Irene Harvey was especially helpful in putting together an interment list for the Canaseraga Cemetery.  Many years ago, she compiled a record of deaths that were either reported in the local newspapers, or taken from burial permits.  Obituaries often said “interment in a LOCAL cemetery” and burial permits often only said burial in Canaseraga, not CANASERAGA CEMETERY.

If no headstones could be found in the Canaseraga Cemetery (or St. Mary’s Cemetery), I could not be certain that the following souls were interred there.  So, I ask your help.  If you recognize any of these names, and know where they are buried, please let me know.  Contact me at Mary Rhodes (email link) .  Be sure to put the words “Canaseraga Cemetery” in the subject line.  Thanks in advance.

UNKNOWN INTERMENTS:   (click here for this list)

The “Old Cemetery” contains the oldest interments.  Earliest graves are found at the top of the hill, and many graves are located on the hillside leading down to Route 70.  At one point in time, the section on the hillside was allowed to become overgrown.  The present caretaker maintains this difficult terrain.  It appears that many markers may be missing from this section (if they were ever there at all).  A map drawn in  1930’s helps us to identify many plots.  

“Hulburt Cemetery” was at one time a private cemetery.  It was taken over by the Canaseraga Cemetery and is now a “cemetery within a cemetery”, simply called the Hulburt section now. 

 “Scott Annex” is located to the left as you enter the main entrance of the cemetery.  It is heavily populated with markers and monuments.  The main road of the cemetery runs to the west of this section, then up and around the cemetery, back down the hill and bisects this section again.

“Flint Annex” is the newest section of the cemetery.  Located to the west of the main road as you enter the cemetery.

 “Walker Extension” is at the top of the hill to the right as you round the corner on the main road.  It is surrounded by tall pines on the east and southern sides.

“Harvey Annex” is at the top of the hill to the left as you round the corner on the main road.

The road then leads past some tall pines into the “Walker Annex”. Walker is to the left and the right of the roadway and continues to the woods straight ahead.  If you stay on the road (slightly left) it will lead you back out to the Village of Canaseraga.  If you decide to turn right and drive in about 10 yards, you enter the Old Cemetery.  Continue on the road heading downhill (a very narrow road) and you are in the middle of the “Bennett” section of the cemetery.

The southern part of Bennett is fairly flat, but turning your head right (north) Bennett heads steeply up hill.  The top of Bennett flattens out and has many large family plots.

Interment records for the cemetery are scarce.  If the Association had interment books at one time, they are long lost now.  My thanks to the members of the Canaseraga Cemetery Association for the help they did provide.

The following list was compiled by physically recording the markers in the cemetery and relying heavily on a list prepared by former town historian Irene Harvey.  An old list of  deaths in Burns from 1887 – 1915, again prepared by a former town historian was also utilized.   Old scrapbooks found at the Essential Club Free Library containing obituaries were also very beneficial.

 The Cemetery Association can also be contacted at  PO Box 306, Canaseraga NY 14822, include a SASE please.  Donations to the cemetery are gratefully accepted.

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Photo of part of Scott Annex:


Photo of the old section of the cemetery:


The Samuel Boylan stone (below) is a huge flat stone which has stood the elements of time.  With Claudia in view for a size comparison you can see the height of this flat stone. (Claudia is granddaughter of our "official Cemetery Lady" of Allegany County, Mary Rhodes, and makes a charming model and helper!! rt.)


(Click on photos below for larger images)

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Experance Casterline, John Hopkins, Kinne Graves & Philip Seager (above)

Holliday Vault, Martha Tilden, Robert Garwood, Elizabeth Garwood (below)

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