Rude/Snyder (Shaffer Road) Cemetery, Town of Cuba, Allegany County, NY

"This cemetery was found in July 1987 by Charles and Marcia Masser.  It is located at the corner of Shaffer and Haskell Roads in the Town of Cuba.  The following list was found in the Allegany County Historians office."  Transcribed by Mary Rhodes, 2006.

Buried here:

? Elias D. Died Apr 6, 1832 "Daughter"
Cole, Anadella C Wife of David Cole Died Jan 9, 1851
Rude, Abraham Died 1852
Rude, Anna Wife of Abraham Rude Died Oct 27, 1852
Rude, Betsy Wife of C. W. Rude Died Nov 7, 1833
Rude, Betsy J. Daughter of C. W. Rude Died Dec 4, 1853 Aged 4 weeks
Rude, Daniel M. Son of C.W. Rude Died Oct 22, ____ Aged 2 Yrs 8 Mo 5 Days
Rude, Florance Daughter of C. W. and Betsy Rude Died May 27, 1841 (?) Aged 7 Yrs 10 Mo 14 Days
Snyder, Abram Son of Peter and Sally Snyder Died March 28, 1844 Aged 8 Mo 3 days
Snyder, Peter Died Dec 20, 1859 Age 56 Yrs 11 Mo 10 Days
Snyder, Child Son of Peter and Sally Snyder Died July 18, 1842 Aged 8 Mo 26 Days