Fairlawn Cemetery, Town of Scio, Allegany County, NY

Fairlawn Cemetery in Scio is located on Main Street in the village of Scio. It is an active well kept cemetery. The following was recorded by Cheryl Smith, former Scio town Historian, and updated by Mary Rhodes, 11/2006 & again 4/2/2018

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James Babcock, Zebina & Elnor Eastman, York Monument & Mantle, Helia Clark

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Fairlawn Cemetery maps:

Old Cemetery, Lower Half (West)      Old Cemetery, Upper Half

East Division          North Annex

Cemetery division outlines (in the maps):

 Old Cemetery   Fairlawn Old Cemetery  South Division Fairlawn South Division
 Gorton Addition Fairlawn Gorton Addition  North Mid Div. Fairlawn North Mid Division
 Flint Reserve    Fairlawn Flint Reserve  South Mid Div. Fairlawn South Mid Division
 North Division  Fairlawn North Division  East Division   Fairlawn East Division

Note: Gorton Addition has no outline.




Burial List A-B                                 Burial List K-M

Burial List C-E                                 Burial List N-R

Burial List F-G                                 Burial List S-T

Burial List H-J                                  Burial List U-Z