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Palmer Cemetery - Scio, Allegany County, NY

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(From Wellsville Daily Reporter, July 31, 2015)

Palmer Cemetery Knight-1of2


Palmer Cemetery Knight-2of2













 8/5/2015 Report from Bob Heavener

"Of the six stones that I uncovered in the last year at the Palmer Cemetery all are standing up with the addition of Clarissa Ames yesterday.  

Today I set up Harriet Augusta Jenkins stone that has been laying flat.  I found that this stone was originally mounted in a base.  The tail of the stone had about 15 inches that could be buried as a self supporting stone.  I placed it hard against the original base for support.  I also added about 50 Lbs. of dry concrete mix in the hole.  Baring vandalism, I think it will stand for many years.

The Larrabee stone may be a candidate to be set up.  

The palmer stone for two boys may be another, but that one is beyond my pay grade as there is only about 2 inches of free stone to work with.....     .......The other stones lying flat are broken and can’t be set up without major repair.  I may raise them by placing patio blocks under them,  so the sod will not grow over them."

Bob Heavener


 9/6/2015 Report from Bob Heavener


(from Webmaster: More work will be done on this stone and more information will be posted; A final photo will appear in the Gallery when work is finished in the future.  rt)

Below, Photo #1736: The beginning of "dig" to uncover Louisa Knight stone.

 Knight Louisa and foot stone 1736

Below is closer view of stone being uncovered; 

Photo #1737: Louisa Knight

Knight Louisa 1737

 Below is Photo #1738, Final dig results of pieces to represent the stone of Louisa Knight............

Knight Louisa 1738 (to be continued..........)