Benjamin Jones (aka Yale Family) Cemetery, Town of Willing, Allegany County, NY

Located on the North side of River Road, Stannards, Yorks Corners.




The list below was transcribed by Mary Rhodes in 2005 from D.A.R. Record Archives of The Catherine Schuyler Chapter - Ina G. Church, Copiest - 1955

Buried here:

 Jones,  Benjamin:   1/21/1757- 10/20/1840;  Sgt. Conn. Troops Rev. War F.C.L. marker war of 1776
Yale,  Ozias:   9/6/1801- 5/18/1893

Yale,  Roxey M. Jones:   5/6/1807- 2/26/1875,  Wife of O. Yale
Yale,  Louesa Adelaide:   10/6/1841- 1/8/1881,  dau of O & R.M. Yale
Yale,  Charlie H.:   7/11/1863- 8/3/1875
Yale,  Henry O.:   3/14/1833- 4/7/1881
Yale,  Jennie M. Lyman:   3/23/1834- 10/31/1901,  Wife of H. O. 

Randolph,  Virgil F.:   1860- 1950
Randolph,  Mary Yale:  1866- 1930,  wife of V. F. Randolph

Strong,  Rev Charles:   5/17/1827- 12/2/1889
Strong,  Lydia A.:   1829- 1884,  His wife
Strong,  Charles J.:   3/6/1861- 2/16/1862,  Only son of Charles Strong and Lydia A. Yale
McAllister,  Andrew J.:    7/21/1875,  Age 42 years
M.D.:    3/10/1870,  age 51 years (on foot stone), head stone broken, buried beside Andrew J.

 More tombstone photos to be added later.