Straight Family Cemetery, Town of Willing, Allegany County, NY

Located on a hill in Stone Dam area; If interested in further directions contact Christina Wightman.  Researched/Photos/Submitted by Mary Rhodes with assistance of Christina Wightman, Willing Town Historian updated 4/2007.

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Francis Straight        Wife, Mary D. Straight        Daughter, Mary F. Straight

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Mary                                     Mother                                 Father

straight7_thumb Three names on this stone:  Robert Straight, Otis Straight & Mary E. Straight

straight8_thumb Loran, son of George & Cynthia Arnold (marker knocked over)

Buried here:

Arnold, Loran Son of Geroge M. and Cynthia S. Arnold Died Aug 1, 1855 Aged 2 Yrs
Green, Volney* Son of S. G. and S. S. Green Died Dec 24, 1853 Aged 1 Yr 5 Mo 20 Days
Straight, Francis Sept 5, 1833 - Nov 20, 1918 "Father"
Straight, Mary D. Wife of F. R. Straight Died apr 26, 1885 Aged 59 Yrs 2 Days "Mother"
Straight, Mary E. 1840 - 1855
Straight, Mary F. Daughter of FR and MD Straight Died May 17, 1875 Aged 17 Yrs 5 Mo 23 Days "Mary"
Straight, Otis A. 1835 - 1855
Straight, Robert 1799 - 1851
* Updated with recording by Norman Ives found in Allegany County Historians office.