“A Re-Discovery of Photo Connects With Allegany County History”

By Ronald G. Taylor

Many of the items that I have had my fingers touch during the past several decades while studying local history subjects have piqued interest to make me keep digging for more answers. One such item, a photograph recently came to my attention, sent from our County Historian, Craig Braack.

A newspaper article was originally published in the Hornellsville Times dated November 22, 1894 and republished by the Andover News February 22, 1945. It was submitted by William A. Greene of Andover to me in 2004 and I placed it on my personal website until I gifted the site to Allegany County Historical Society in 2010, now .

I feel the photograph must have been taken ca. November 16th, 1894. That was the day that Mr. L. H. Thornton served as guide to Mr. J. S. Minard for “A Visit to Elm Valley”.

Nath Dike back photo

I have finally found a match to the story of the photo which has writing on the back and I believe initialed by Mr. Thornton.

“Site of Allegany’s first saw mill built at Dike or Elm Valley in 1803. The large pine log is a relic of the original mill dam.”

I am pleased to present the original story and the photograph inserted in the appropriate location of the story…..

"A Visit To Elm Valley"

1894 Letter Brings History to Forefront - News of the 1st White Settler - "the Cradle of Allegany's Civilization"