From the Belmont Dispatch, April 22, 1910.


County Associates will Meet in Andover Next Week Wednesday--Will be in Two Sessions

The sixteenth annual convention of the Allegany Co. Political Equality Club will be held at Andover Wednesday, April 27, 1910. There will be two sessions, one at ten in the forenoon and one at two o'clock in the afternoon.

The following program has been arranged for this meeting.

Morning Session, 10 O'Clock
Music, America.

Devotional Exercises, Mrs. Clara Austin, Whitesville.
Address of Welcome. Mrs. Georgianna D. Hardy.
Response. Mrs. Jennie R. McEwen, . Vice President County Political Equality Club.
Appointments of Committees.
Three minute reports, Reporting Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Superintendents of School Suffrage, Press, Literature, Young People's Work, Tax Suffrage, Legislative Work, Credential Committee, Election of Officers, The Work of the Year, Delegates Recess.

Dinner will be served by the Ladies Aid Society of the Methodist church for 25 cents.

2 O'Clock Session.
Music, Organ Solo.
Report of National Convention by Mrs. Flint, Miss West of Scio.
Reception of Fraternal Delegates.
Address, "Some Prophetic Fallacies", Mrs. Anna C. Etz, Hornell.
Music Duet, Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. [Frost?].
Question Box.

Report of Resolution Committee
Miss Champlin, Alfred; Mrs. Bardeen, Richburg; Mrs. Karr, Almond

3 o'clock session. Music, Organ Solo
Prayer., Rev. H. D. Bacou.
Music, Vocal Solo,  Dr. G. W. Mitchell.
Address, "Woman's Right," Rev. Annis Ford Eastman, Elmira.
Music, Vocal Solo, Mrs. Ethlyn Rogers