Transcribed from the Friendship Chronicle, December 15, 1880.


The following is a list of physicians practicing in the county who have duly registered their names at the County Clerk’s office in accordance with the act of Legislature passed May 29, 1880:—-

Wm. M. Truman, Alfred Centre; C. H. Sharpe, Belvidere; M. Van Duzen, Angelica; R. L. Mason, Alma; Arvis A. Elliott, Shongo; E. E. Crandall, West Almond; I. P. Truman, Belmont; J. W. Coller, Wellsville; C. L. Gish, Wellsville; Wm. S. Todd, Jr., Belfast; E. M. Stillman, Andover; Horace H. Nye, Wellsville; Mark Sheppard, Alfred; Dorr Cutler, Bolivar; W. S. Cottrell, Whitesville; H. P. Saunders, Alfred Centre; John Harding, Hume; M. H. Macken, Wellsville; J. A. Stephenson, Scio; Benjiman Norton, Belmont; A. E. Willard, Friendship; N. P. Brainard, Andover; C. G. Anderson, Belmont; F. N. Smith, Belmont; Wm. S. Todd, Sr., Angelica; Henry C. Coon, Alfred Centre; Elisha C. Greene, Alfred Centre; J. P. Booth, Ceres; S. Pelton, Wellsville; E. Hungerford, Short Tract; Oscar S. Pratt, Canaseraga; A. T. Bacon, Canaseraga; L. A. Simons, Belmont; C. F. Smith, West Almond; Kay A. Sweet, Bradford; Wm. H. Harris, Canaseraga; B. C. Wakely, Angelica; George St. John, Canaseraga; L.G. Waterman, Centerville; I. J. Crandall, Chas. C. Deming, Friendship; W. W. Crandall, Andover; August Bruheim, Scio; H. Learned, Cuba; D. M. Pratt, Canaseraga; C.M. Stewart, Hume; E. LuVerne Fish, Centerville, Stephen Maxon, Cuba; E. H. Willard, Friendship; Otis Allen, [Cuba]; C. W. Saunders, Belfast; Jos. B. Miller, Caneadea; H. H. Lyman, Hume; A. W. Smith, Short Tract; Thaddeus Baker, Andover; O. T. Stacy, Rushford, J. H. Saunders, Belfast; J P. Bixby, Rushford; T. H. LaMonte, Almond; James B. Hatch, Cuba.

The following have filed affidavits: R. Y. Charles, Rushford; G. M. Gillett, Cuba; B. B. Grover, Rushford; H. A. Place, Cuba.