From the Allegany County Reporter, March 8, 1883.
Transcribed by Grace Dailey.


Returns from town meetings come in rather slowly, but THE REPORTER is able to present today the names of the Supervisors in all but three towns-Caneadea, Centerville, and Ward. The following is the list, with their political complexion, as far as ascertained:

Burns—Root Fitch, Dem.
Allen—Tunis Cole, Rep.
Hume—Wm P. Brooke, Rep.*
Genesee-- F. S. Dickinson, Pro. Rep.
Birdsall—Jacob Young, Rep.
Granger—John Phinney, Rep.
Grove—Daniel C. Grander, Rep.*
West Almond--J. Bennett, Dem.
Belfast—Benjamin T. Willis, Dem.*
Andover—A.C. Frisbey, Dem.
Amity—Elba Reynolds, Dem.
Alma—W. S. Raydure, Rep.
Wirt—A. B. Cottrell, Rep.*
Scio—Jas. K. Morgan, Rep.*
Bolivar—J. M. Curtis, Dem.*
Wellsville—Thos. O’Connor, Dem
Friendship—Herman Rice, Rep.*
Willing—S. A. Beach Rep.*
Independence—M. Forsythe, Rep.
Almond—D. C. Hopkins, Dem.
Alfred—Wm C. Burdick, Rep.
Cuba—F. C. Reynolds, Rep.
Angelica—Jas. T. Brown, Rep.
New Hudson—H. P. Ricker, Rep.*
Clarksville—J. P. Slayton, Rep.
Rushford—Charles Kendall, Rep.*
---- * Re-elected