Transcribed by Crist Middaugh

Alleg. County Reporter, November 15, 1883


The board of Supervisors met Monday at Belmont to organize. Tuesday they canvassed the vote of the county, and are not transacting the usual business incident to the first annual session.

The following is a list of the names of the members of Allegany's Legislature, with political preference noted as reported last spring:

Alfred - Wm. O. Burdick, Rep.

Allen - Tunis Cole, Rep.

Alma - W. S. Raycure, Rep.

Almond - D. C. Hopkins, Dem.

Amity - Elba Reynolds, Dem.

Andover - A. C. Frisbey, Dem *

Angelica - Jas. T. Brown, Rep.

Belfast - Benjamin T. Willis, Dem. *

Birdsall - Jacob Young, Rep.

Bolivar - J. M. Cards, Dem. *

Burns - Root Fitch, Dem.

Caneadea - L. N. Brainard, Rep.

Centerville - M. D. Hanks, Dem.

Clarksville - J. P. Slayton, Rep.

Cuba - F. C. Reynolds, Rep.

Friendship - Herman Rice, Rep.

Granger - John Phinney, Rep.

Grove - Daniel C. Grunder, Rep. *

Genesee - F. S. Dickinson, Pro. Rep.

Hume - Wm. P. Brooks, Rep. *

Independence - M. F. Forsythe, Rep.

New Hudson - H. P. Ricker, Rep. *

Rushford - A. L. Litchard, Pro. Rep.

Scio - Jas. K. Morgan, Rep. *

Ward - Geo. A. Bannell, Greenb’k. *

Wellsville - Thos. O’Connnor, Dem.

West Almond - J. Bennett, Dem.

Willing - S. A. Beach, Rep. *

Wirt - A. B. Cottrell, Rep. *

—-* Re-elected