The Family of Richard Bullock    


 Jesse Bullock (1783-1860); Harry W. Bullock (1804-1879);George H. Bullock (1834-1915)
and Delbert Milton Bullock (1869 - 1956) of Allegany Co. NY & McKean Co. PA

 6. Jesse Bullock was the son of William and Miriam (Whitney) Bullock, born 1 December 1783 at Guilford, Windham County, Vermont. He died at age 77 on 26 May 1860 in Angelica, Allegany County, New York. He is buried in Angelica Cemetery, Lot 381. The grave is marked with a monolith with Jesse's name on one side and his wife, Azubah's on the opposite side with both names joined by clasped hands. Their daughter, Susan and son, George are also buried in the same lot.

Jesse was married at Brattleboro, Vermont on 8 January 1804 to Azubah Hopkins. Azubah was the daughter of John and Hannah (Clark) Hopkins. She was christened at Ashfield, Franklin County, MA on 19 May 1782. Azubah was a Mayflower descendant through both her father and mother's families. She died at age 76 in Allegany County, New York on 21 March 1858 and is buried beside her husband in Lot 381 at Angelica, New York Cemetery.

Sometime before 1810, Jesse and Azubah moved to Lyndon, Caldonia County, Vermont along with her parents, John and Hannah Hopkins. About 1813, both families left Vermont along with Azubah's brother, Clark Hopkins. They traveled across New York State. Jesse and Azubah and her brother, Clark Hopkins settled in Centerville, Allegany County. The first record found of their residence there is a deed dated 10 October 1815, showing the purchase of Tract Lot 33 on east and Lot 41 on west purchased from the Holland Land Company.

Jesse served in the War of 1812 in the New York State Militia. He was sworn in as a Lieutenant in the Steuben County militia, which included Allegany County residents, in 1814 under Lt. Col. Jedediah Nobles. In 1815, Allegany County had its own militia and Jesse became a Captain. The History of Allegany County says that the officers of these volunteer companies were usually selected for "handsome appearance and martial bearing." In contrast to the men from rural districts who made up the troops, the officers had colorful uniforms and excellent equipment. Angelica, New York in Allegany County was a military station and magazine during the War of 1812. There were no engagements with the enemy that are known.

The town of Centerville was officially founded on 15 January 1819. Jesse was elected as a supervisor and served in that capacity until 1822. He was also a school commissioner in Centerville. In 1822, the town of Hume was founded with a 13 member Board of Supervisors. Jesse Bullock was made chairman of this board. He was elected sheriff of Allegany County in 1828. He apparently served for several years. There is a record in Allegany County Miscellaneous Record book B dated 12 March 1840 of the appointment of Alvanus Gage and Peter Keyes Jr. as deputies by Sheriff, Jesse Bullock.

Jesse purchased land in Angelica near Mechanic Street on 1 March 1837. He and Azubah lived there for several years until they purchased 53+ acres on the Genesee River in Amity Town in 1854. After Azubah's death, Jesse conveyed this property to his son, Harry for $1.00 on 1 April 1858 with the stipulation that Harry would maintain and support him during his (Jesse's) lifetime and that the property should not be sold while Jesse was living.

The final settlement of Jesse's estate is recorded in Allegany County Surrogate's Records. Administrators of the estate were Harry Bullock and Noah M. Parker. On 22 February 1864, a citation was returned with proof of due service on Hannah Parker, Eliza B. Chapman, Charles H. Bullock, Harriet Bullock, otherwise called Chipman, Charlotte Bullock, Samuel Bullock, and Charles Bullock, heirs at law and next of kin, and upon Virgil A. Willard, the special guardian of said Charlotte Bullock.

The amount of Jesse Bullock's inventory at that time was $2,639.69. The final settlement shows that full shares were received by Harry, Hannah (Parker) and Charles (son of deceased son, George). One-half shares were received by Eliza Chapman and Charles H. Bullock, and one-third shares were given to Charlotte Bullock, Harriet Chipman (or Bullock) and Samuel Bullock. On 1 May 1869, several lots in Amity were sold by H.W. Bullock, et. al. The deed was signed by H. W. Bullock, Hannah Parker, Charles Bullock and Samuel Bullock of Allegany County, NY and Eliza Grove, Charles Henry Bullock and Harriet (Chipman) McCrea of Brooklyn, NY.

   Children of Jesse and Azubah (Hopkins) Bullock:

  • Harry Whitney Bullock , 25 Dec 1804. Marr. Almira Mosier. Died 5 Feb 1879.
  • Jesse Bullock, Jr., b. 27 Jun 1806. Marr. Mary Ann (___). Died abt. 1849 in Williamsburg, Kings Co. NY.
  • Charles Harris Bullock, b. 2 Apr 1808. Marr. Rhoda (____). Died before 1864.
  • Susanna Bullock, b. 10 Mar 1814. Died 1833.
  • George W. Bullock, b. 1822. Marr. Lucy M. [Parker?]. Died May 1850.
  • Hannah Bullock, b. abt. 1824. Marr. 6 Jan 1846, Noah Parker. Died before 1880.


7. Harry Whitney Bullock was born 25 December 1804, the eldest son of Jesse and Azubah (Hopkins) Bullock. He was born in Vermont, probably in Brattleboro or Guilford. . No record of his birth has been found but it was recorded in an old family history written by Jonathan Russell Bullock. Harry died 5 February 1879 at age 74 in Belvidere, Allegany County, New York. He is buried in the cemetery next to Old Christ Episcopal Church in Belvidere, NY. His death is recorded in the Christ Episcopal Church record of burials. His gravesite was visited in 1990. Harry's son, Frank M. who died April 18, 1879 is buried beside his father. The graves are set off in a large plot with the appearance that there may have been other graves with stones missing.

Harry went to Allegany County when he was about eleven years old with his parents. He married Almira Mosier. Her maiden name was found in the Civil War Service record of her son George H. (Some records call her "Elmira"). She was born about 1813 in Vermont or Washington County, NY. (Census records have various places of birth and her death record says she was born in New Hampshire!). No records have been found of her parents. She was "of Castile, Wyoming Co. NY" in 1883 when she sold some property. She was probably living there with her daughter-in-law, Lorna. She died at Gardeau, McKean County, Pennsylvania on 6 December 1893, age "80 1/4". The record says she was buried in Belvidere, NY but her grave has not been found.

George is shown on the 1830 Census in Belfast, Allegany County, NY with two females, one 0-5 years old, and another 20-30 years old. This may not have been Almira since on the 1865 New York State Census he states that he has been married twice. Almira states on the same census that she has been married once and was the mother of 5 children

On the 1840 census, Harry’s occupation is marked under "Learned Professions & Engineers". He was sometimes listed in records as "Henry W." and in general seemed to be known as "H. W". By 1847, he and his brother, Jesse Jr. were living in Williamsburg, Kings County, NY. In the Williamsburg City Directory, he was a farmer in 1847-48; a carpenter in 1849 and from 1850 to 1853 he is listed as a Boat Captain. He is found back in Amity, Allegany County in 1855 and was there until his death. He is listed as a farmer in 1860. In 1870, his occupation is "Dry Goods & R.P.M." and in 1875 he is "Assistant Postmaster". He and his wife and sons, George and Francis are listed in the Parish Register of Christ Episcopal Church in Belvidere, NY as "Family #4". The first service was held in the church on 22 May 1854.

On 1 April, 1858, a few days after the death of his wife, Azubah, Jesse Bullock, Harry's father, deeded for $1.00 53+ acres in the Town of Amity along the bank of the Genesee River, to his son, Harry W. on the condition "that Harry W. shall maintain and support me during my lifetime and that he not sell the property during my lifetime...” Harry was the executor of his father's estate

Harry left no will. Bond was made by Elmira Bullock, Samuel Fox and R. V. Scott in the amount of $126. All goods and chattel did not exceed $63.00. His heirs were listed as his wife, son, George H., and the wife and children of his son, Frank who died in April 1879. Also listed was Lucy Bullock, residence unknown, who may be a daughter from his first marriage.

  Children of Harry and Almira (Mosier) Bullock:

  •   Hannah Bullock, b. abt. 1836. Probably died young.
  •   George Harrison Bullock , b. 3 Mar 1834. Marr. 14 Oct 1863, Sarah Eliza Burrows. Died 23 Aug 1915.
  •   Francis M. Bullock, b. abt. 1843. Marr. Lorna Sutherland. Died 18 Apr 1879.


8. George Harrison Bullock was born on 3 March 1834 in Angelica, Allegany, NY to H. W. and Almira (Mosier) Bullock. He was christened as an adult on 16 September 1860 in Belvidere, Allegany, NY, Old Christ Episcopal Church. He died on 23 August 1915 in Bradford, McKean, PA. He was buried in McKean, PA, Degolier Cemetery. George grew up in Allegany County and worked on the family farm except when his parents were living in New York City in the late 1840's and early 1850's.

Early in the Civil War, he enlisted as a Private in Company "I", 27th Regiment of the New York Volunteers. His personal description at the time of enlistment was as follows: height, 5 feet, 4 inches; complexion, dark; color of eyes, black; color of hair, black; and occupation, farmer. Company "I"; of the NY Volunteers was led by Capt. C. C. Gardner. The company participated in the first battle of Bull Run, the battle at Fair Oaks and the 7 days Battle for Richmond, among others. George was discharged at Elmira, NY on 31 May 1863.

George Bullock married Sarah Eliza Burrows on 14 October 1863 at the home of her father, Eli Burrows. She was born on 20 February 1844 in Chenango Forks, Broome, NY to Eli S. and Sarah L (Elliot) Burrows. She was christened as an adult on 27 September 1863 in Belvidere, Allegany, NY, Christ Episcopal Church. She died on 12 October 1931 in Bradford, McKean, PA. She was buried in McKean, PA, Degolier Cemetery. Sarah was named for her two grandmothers, Sarah (Barnum) and Eliza (Haxton). She attended college for at least one year. Her best girlfriend came from a wealthy family whose father paid for Sarah's college so the girls could be together. From about age forty, she was badly crippled with arthritis after a fall and spent the rest of her life in a wheelchair. She died at South Bradford, PA on 13 October 1931 at age 87 after being bedridden for five years. She managed to save $200 from her small pension to pay for her funeral and for the gravedigger.

George Bullock listed his residences after the war on his pension file as Salamanca, NY - 1866, Hornellsville, NY - 1879, Bradford PA -1882, and Gardeau, PA - 1892. He served in many of these areas as a postmaster. On a declaration for pension sworn on 27 May 1912 he stated he was a resident of Wanakena, St. Lawrence Co. NY, age 78 years. He was the postmaster in Wanakena, a small town in the Adirondack Mountains.

He also was a railroad conductor in later years. His granddaughter, Madge Fox of Newark, NY remembers him as an educated man with beautiful handwriting. He enjoyed music and the theater. George H. was living near his son, Delbert when he died at age 81 on 23 August 1915 in Bradford, McKean, PA. His grave is marked with a G.A.R. marker for his service in the Civil War.

  Children of George and Sara Eliza (Burrows) Bullock:

  • Jesse Franklin "Frank" Bullock, b. 18 Feb 1866. Marr. #1, Ada McDonald; #2, Elsie King. Died 1949.
  • Delbert Milton Bullock,  b. 22 Aug 1869. Marr. 2 Dec 1894, Grace Morrison. Died 1 Feb 1956.
  • Maude E. Bullock, b. 16 Aug 1872. Marr. 16 Aug 1872, Edward Frank Fox. Died 11 Aug 1962.
  • Fanny L. Bullock, b. 17 Apr 1875. Died young.

9. Delbert Milton Bullock was born on 22 August 1869 in Belvidere, Allegany, NY to George H. and Sarah Eliza (Burrows) Bullock. He was christened on 24 August 1869 in Belvidere, Allegany, NY,in the Old Christ Episcopal Church. Delbert grew up in Allegany Co. NY where he was a choirboy in the Old Christ Episcopal Church in Belvidere. As a young man, he spent time with his great-uncle, Noah Parker and told many tales of hunting for game and also for pirate treasure. Noah Parker felt that treasure had been buried in the area of Pennsylvania where pirates had to carry their possessions between the rivers.

He was married to Grace Louise Morrison on 2 December 1893 in Gardeau, McKean County, PA. Delbert and Grace lived in Dunkirk, NY where their first two children were born. They went to Bradford, PA about 1902 where he worked as a machinist in the oil industry. He retired shortly before World War II, but returned to work during the war. His children remembered him as a "fun" father. He played the piano and sang with them. I remember the lovely flowers that he grew. He was often in the kitchen when we went to visit and baked wonderful cakes. He died at age 87 on 30 Jan 1956 in Bradford, McKean, PA. He was buried in Lafayette, McKean, PA, McKean Memorial Cemetery.

  Children of Delbert M. and Grace L. (Morrison) Bullock:

  • Maude Elsie Bullock Married Arthur Glenn Milks
  • Ruby Adelphine Bullock Married Fred Grove
  • Stanley E. Bullock Married Mae Barber
  • Belle M. Bullock Married Pascal Hammond
  • George Sullivan Bullock Married Alice (Wiltsie) Carl
  • Grace Lorraine Bullock (my mother) Married Ralph C. "Jim" Miller
  • Sara E. Bullock Married Robert Erskin
  • Delbert M. Bullock Jr. Married Shirley Belser 


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