James Lee Glover

 James Lee Glover fathers EIGHTEEN children in Burns, NY from 1891-1926.

71 Grandchildren; quite an impressive feat?
OVERVIEW: The 18 Children and 71 Grandchildren of James Lee Glover (great grandchildren and great great grandchildren still being counted)

JAMES LEE GLOVER + ELLA A. WEBB (3 children, 3 grandchildren)

     1. Clara May Glover married Clarence Leo Wallace
          1) Evangeline Ellen Wallace
          + Theodore Victor Wallace
          2) Donald Victor Wallace

     2. Frances Julia Glover married Frank W. Michael, Jr.
          1) Elaine Michael

     3. Josephine A. Glover

JAMES LEE GLOVER + ELLEN ELIZABETH WRIGHT (15 children, 68 grandchildren)

     1. Glenn Nathan Glover married Hazel Irene Flint
          1) Doris Eleanor Glover
          2) Everett Clair Glover
          3) Ralph Nathan Glover
          4) Elizabeth JeanGlover
          5) Gerald Glover
          6) Bruce Glover

     2. Roy James Glover married Wanda Clara Howe
          1) Shirley Jacqueline Glover
          2) Vivian Mildred Glover
          3) Marjorie June Glover
          4) Ellen Lillian Glover
          5) Larry J. Glover
          6) Sandra Jane Glover
          7) Sharon Andre Glover
          8) Lance R. Glover

     3. Otto Lee Glover married Bessie F. Flickner
          1) Melvin Lee Glover
          2) Reginald Glover
          3) Elizabeth Flora Glover

     4. Gladys Rebecca Glover married Merle Simpson
          1) Valerie Gladys Simpson
          2) Asa Bruce Simpson
          3) Jerome Madison Simpson
          4) Leslie James Simpson
          5) Bonnie Loretta Simpson
          6) Mary Cecilia Simpson

     5. Howard Richard Glover

     6. Floyd Mason Glover married Marie Sager
          1) Joyce Glover
          2) Cheryl Glover
          3) Virgina Glover

     7. Lillian Lucille Glover married Carl Henry Schneider
          1) Carl E. Schneider
          2) La Verne Gary Schneider
          3) James F. Schneider

     8. Marian Louise Glover married James T. Pierce
          1) Dennis James Pierce
          2) Patricia Louise Pierce
          3) David Lee Pierce

     9. James Wallace Glover married Margaret Detrick
          1) Deanne Francis Glover
          2) Margaret Ann Glover
          3) Sharon Rita Glover
          4) Bryan Paul Glover
          5) Sheila Mary Glover
          6) Denise Glover
          7) James Kevin Glover
          8) Christopher Burton Glover
          9) Jeffrey Patrick Glover
         10) Nancy Michele Glover
         11) David Michael Glover
         12) Rebecca Jeanne Glover

     10. Elizabeth Maxine Glover married Clark B. Hendee
          1) Ronald Hendee
          2) Caroline Jean Hendee

     11. Neva Christine Glover married Robert Lewis Keough
          1) Gail Marie Keough
          2) Susan Marguerite Keough
          3) Howard Emmett Keough

     12. Harry Leo Glover married Patricia Catherine Neumann
          1) Terry Leo Glover
          2) Mark Edward Glover

     13. Harding Delbert Glover married Regis M. Broughton
          1) Harding Nathan Glover
          2) Cynthia Glover
          3) Richard Glover
          4) Jack Glover
          5) David Glover
          6) Timothy Glover
          7) Robin Glover

     14. Winifred Edna Glover married William Gail Coombs
          1) Robert Coombs
          2) Jane Coombs
          3) Francis Gail Coombs
          4) Philip Coombs
          5) Gala Jean Coombs
          6) Martin Coombs
          7) Rita Coombs
          8) Raymond Coombs
          9) Lisa Coombs
         10) Carla Coombs

     15. Vida Glover

From "The Stories and History of the Glover Families from Hull, Yorkshire Co., England to Allegany Co., NY, to Livingston CO., NY"  by Harold Ross Glover and Robert Harold Glover

Introduction: William Glover (June 22, 1823 - Mar 27, 1891) migrated from Hull, Yorkshire Co., England, arriving in New York City Aug 12, 1851. He settled in Doty's Corners (where he is buried in the Cemetery with his wife) and then Burns, where he married Ann Nichols
Kuder (Apr 17, 1826-May 24, 1896). They had six children: Rebecca Ann, John, Robert Fremont (the father of A. Ross Glover, grandfather of H. Ross Glover, great grandfather of Robert H. Glover, and the longtime sextant of the Canaseraga Cemetery), Richard, Albert Dell,
and James Lee.

Just six weeks before the birth of James Lee's first child, William Glover died, thus he missed out on the 18 grandchildren produced by his youngest child.


The information in the James Lee Glover section is mostly from the research of H. Ross Glover (1) and Robert H. Glover. It includes key information from the trunk of Daphne Gelser Glover (1, wife of A. Ross, mother of H. Ross); family bible of Elizabeth Wright Glover (17, photocopy sent by Doris Glover Young (Glenn’s daughter) to Winnie Glover Coombs to H. Ross Glover, which appears to be by Elizabeth in her handwriting); research by Mark Edward Glover (Harry’s son) and Eleanor Glover Bachrach (Harry’s granddaughter) for the Church of Latter-Day Saints (5); James Lee Glover family reunion notes of Winnie Glover Coombs (18). Key contributions were also made by Nancy Amidon Glover (4), Roy’s daughter-in-law, wife of Larry); Jean Glover Gaiss (Glenn’s daughter) and more.

JAMES LEE GLOVER (1868-1933), FATHER OF 18 CHILDREN; son of William Glover and Ann Nichols Kuder Glover; brother of Robert Fremont Glover; husband of ELLA WEBB GLOVER (1871-1899); husband of ELLEN ELIZABETH WRIGHT (1882-1963)


James Lee Glover was born Jan 29, 1868 in Rogersville (South Dansville), Steuben Co., NY (17). He died on Nov 4, 1933, at his home in Burns, Allegany Co., NY. (obit). He was a farmer; we viewed the location of his farmhouse, often visited as a child by H. Ross Glover, from up the hill at the Old Burns Cemetery on Bull Road. The Glover farm was on Tilden Hill Road. The house, no longer standing, had a big porch where family would sit to socialize.

James Lee was buried at the Arkport, NY Cemetery on Nov 7, 1933. His second wife Elizabeth was later buried with him. Their tombstone as photographed by H. Ross Glover in 2006 reads:



James Lee married first wife Ella A. Webb on May 28, 1889. (5) She was born in prob. Burns, NY on Dec 12, 1871 (1). She died Dec 26, 1899 in prob Burns, NY (5, 17). They had three children:

Clara May Glover Wallace (b May 15, 1891, d Apr 20, 1958; bur Hornell Rural Cemetery)

Frances Julia Glover Michael (b Nov 1, 1892; d April 1967; bur Castile, NY)

Josephine A. Glover (b Oct 26, 1894; d July 5, 1895; bur. prob Old Burns, NY Cemetery) (1)

James Lee married second Ellen Elizabeth (Lizzie) Wright Apr 23, 1900 (17). She was 17 yrs old and James was age 32 when they married 4 months after the death of Ella. Thus Lizzie, at 17,
became the step-mother of 9 yr old Clara and 7 yr old Frances.

She went by Elizabeth or Lizzie, not Ellen. She is listed in some Census as Ellen, others as Elizabeth. Her tombstone reads “'Elizabeth E”. She was born Oct 11, 1882 in Ossian, NY (17). She died Mar 22, 1963 (17) in Friendship, Allegany Co., NY and was buried at the Arkport Cemetery on Mar 25, 1963 (5).

James Lee and Elizabeth had 15 chldren, all born in Burns, NY, making him the father of 18 kids!!. Their 15 children (per Elizabeth Glover family bible and Winnie Combs Glover family
reunion notes):

* Indicates H. Ross Glover photographed the tombstone for the family website.

  1. Glenn Nathan Glover (b May 12, 1901; d Nov 29, 1990; bur. Arkport, NY Cemetery*)
  2.  Roy James Glover (b Sep 16, 1903; d May 26, 1961; bur Arkport, NY Cemetery*)
  3.  Otto Lee Glover (b Apr 15, 1905; d Jan 5, 1987; bur.?? name on first wife Dora’s stone at Arkport, NY Cemetery* with no death date for him)
  4.  Gladys Rebecca Glover Simpson (b 25 Apr 1907; d May 1963; bur ?)
  5.  Howard Richard Glover (b Feb 28, 1909; d Jan 21,1990, Batavia, NY; bur Arkport, NY Cemetery*)
  6.  Floyd Mason Glover (b Apr 3, 1911; d May 21, 1990; bur prob with wife Marie at the Pleasant Valley Cemetery, York, NY)
  7.  Lillian Lucille Glover Schneider (22 Mar 22, 1912; d Oct 31, 2000; bur Arkport, NY Cemetery*)
  8.  Marian Louise Glover Pierce (b June 26, 1913; lives in Rochester, NY; husband James bur at the Canaseraga, NY Cemetery*)
  9.  James Wallace Glover (b Nov 23, 1915; d Oct 13, 2000; bur prob in Rochester, NY)
  10.  Elizabeth Maxine Glover Hendee (b June 13, 1918; lives in Binghamton, NY)
  11.  Neva Christine Glover Keough (b Nov 2, 1919; d Feb 21, 1996; bur Canaseraga, NY Cemetery*)
  12.  Harry Leo Glover (b Apr 7, 1921; d Sep 21, 2001; bur City of Mesa, AZ Cemetery*)
  13.  Harding Delbert Glover (b June 29, 1922; d July 16, 2000; b Arkport, NY Cemetery*)
  14.  Winifred Edna Glover Coombs (b Jan 22, 1924; lives in Rochester, NY; husband William Gail Coombs bur at Canaseraga Cemetery*)
  15.  Vida Ann Glover (b Nov 19, 1926; d Jan 30, 1930; bur Arkport, NY Cemetery*)

Note that the first and middle names of many of the kids have a family history. Nathan Wright was the father of Elizabeth; James the father’s first name; Lee and Elizabeth the middle name of the parents; Rebecca was the name of James Lee’s sister; Richard the name of his brother; Mason the maiden name of Elizabeth Glover’s mother; Wallace the last name of the brothers that married Clara; Leo was the middle name, used often as his first name, of Clarence Wallace, the first husband of Clara Glover; Delbert the name of the brother of James Lee; Ann the name of James Lee’s mother.

Obituary in local paper—died Nov 4, 1933, Burns, NY


Private funeral services were held Monday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock for James L. Glover, 65, for many years a resident of Burns. Mr. Glover died at his home there Saturday afternoon after
an illness of several years. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. F. M. Karr and internment was in the Arkport cemetery.

Mr. Glover is survived by his widow, Ellen E. Glover; eight daughters: Mrs. Frank Michaels of Castile, Mrs. Theodore Wallace of Cameron, Mrs. M. Simpson of Wellsville, Mrs. Carl Schneider of Friendship, Marion, Elizabeth, Neva and Winifred at home; eight sons: Roy of Arkport, Glenn of Burns, Otto of Burns and Howard, James, Jr., Floyd, Harry and Harding at home; two brothers: Adelbert of Elmira and Robert of Canaseraga.

Timeline for James Lee Glover

1870—Age 1 living in Town of Grove, NY on a farm with parents William and Ann and siblings Rebecca, Robert, John, Richard, Dell, and James.

1880—12 yrs old living on the farm inn Burns, NY with parents and 4 brothers.

1891---Living in South Dansville, NY as a laborer

1900—32 yrs old head of house in Burns, NY with 17 yr old newlywed Elizabeth, and daughters from marriage to Ella Webb: 9 yr old Clara, 7 yr old Frances.

1910—Farmer in Burns, NY with wife Elizabeth and children. Listed in Census as L. James Glover.

1920—Burns, NY with wife and 10 children.


James Lee married first wife Ella A. Webb May 28, 1889 (5). She was born in prob. Burns, NY on Dec 12, 1871 (1). She died Dec 26, 1899 in prob Burns, NY (5, 17). Records show that her mother was buried in the Old Burns Cemetery in 1880, thus it is most likely that Ella was buried there as she died 34 years before James Lee, who was buried with his second wife at the Arkport, NY Cemetery.

Ella’s father was Nathaniel Webb (b abt 1831, NY per 1880 Census). Her mother was Julia Webb (May 13, 1848-May 21, 1880, per tombstone transcription). Their children per 1870/1880
Census: Charles (abt 1866), Ezra (abt 1869), Ella A. (1871), Homer (abt 1873), Clara M. (1878).

Ella’s sister, Clara M. Webb, was b Nov 24, 1878; d May 12, 1880.

Transcription Old Burns/Bull Road Cemetery (19):

Julia Webb: Wife of Nathanial S. Webb. Died May 21, 1880. Age 32 Years and 8 Days

Clara M. Webb: Daughter of Nathanial and Julia Webb. Died May 12, 1880 Age 1 Yr 5 Mo 18 Days

Note: We have visited the Old Burns Cemetery. At some point the town took over maintenance and an employee tossed all the fallen stones into a big pile and burned the grass off rather than mow around things. Thus, many tombstones are missing---most likely including those of Ella Webb, her father, and her infant child.

Julia died just 9 days after daughter Clara, indicating it was likely that they both died of the same illness. Ella was thus left motherless at the age of 9, and named her first child Clara
after her sister who died young.

Nathaniel’s parents, Ella’s grandparents, per 1850 Census, were Stephen (b abt 1807) and Lydia M. Webb (b abt 1808, NY). Their children included: Grace A. (abt 1829), Nathaniel (abt 1831),
Jesse (abt 1834), Sanford O. (abt 1841) and perhaps others.

1850—Birdsall, Allegany Co., NY. Lydia Webb b abt 1808 + Stephen Webb b abt 1807 + children:

Grace A. Webb 21 (b abt 1829)
Nathaniel Webb 17 (b abt 1832)
Jesse Webb 16 (b abt 1834)
Sanford Webb 9 (b abt 1841)

1860—Lydia M. Webb 52, lived in Pittsford, Monroe Co., NY with head of household Jesse Webb, a farmer, b abt 1833. Also in household:

Crenus abt 1828 farmer
Isabell abt 1828 b PA
Nathaniel abt 1832 farmer
Sanford O. abt 1841
Adrian B. abt 1851
Frank S. abt 1858

Nathaniel and Sanford the sons of Stephen and Lydia per 1850 Census, but the others likely are relatives of some nature.

1870—Burns, NY. Lydia Webb (62) lived next to Nathaniel Webb and family:

Nathaniel Webb 37—farmer
Julia 28
Charles 4
Ezra 1

1880 --- Burns, NY next to Reuben and Matilda Gates and near William Glover and son James Lee

Nathaniel Webb b abt 1831 widowed. Farmer b NY, parents b NY
Charles Webb b abt 1866
Ella Webb b abt 1871
Homer Webb b abt 1873
Mother Lydia Webb b abt 1808 widowed


Living on the farm in 1880 adjacent to that of Nathaniel Webb was Reuben and Matilda Gates---the parents of Mary Gates who in 1877 married Robert F. Glover, the brother of James Lee. Living 4 farms away from the Webb’s was William and Ann Glover, parents of Robert F. and James Lee. Ella was age 9 and James Lee age 12 in 1880. They married 9 years later.

JAMES LEE GLOVER AND ELIZABETH WRIGHT GLOVER - Lizzie was born Oct 11, 1882 in Ossian, NY (17). She died Mar 22, 1963 (17) in Friendship, Allegany Co., NY and was buried at the Arkport Cemetery on Mar 25, 1963 (5). It is believed that she lived at the home of her daughter Llllian Glover Schneider at the time of her death. When her husband, James Lee, died Nov 4, 1933 at home in Burns, NY, they had 9 children still living at home: Marion, Elizabeth,
Neva, Winifred, Howard, James, Jr, Floyd, Harry, and Harding.

Elizabeth’s Family Bible - A photocopy of Elizabeth Wright Glover’s handwritten, hard to
read “Family of James L. Glover” from her family bible was submitted to H. Ross Glover by Jean Glover Gaiss. Also submitted were notes from it by Winnie Glover Coombs who used the
information as secretary of the James Lee Glover Family Reunion. Included are key dates of birth and death, spouses and children and grandchilden of James Lee and Elizabeth, as well as for her parents and siblings.

Elizabeth’s Family Quilt - Larry and Nancy Glover own a quilt made by Elizabeth Wright Glover
for her son Roy, who was ill at the time. On it are the names and dates of birth of James Lee Glover, Elizabeth and James Lee’s children. Bob and H. Ross Glover viewed the quilt in Oct 2006 at their house.

**H. Ross Glover remembers: “Aunt Lizzie was very outgoing. And busy! She was always baking, and washing etc. every minute. Of course with all those kids……Each one of them had a job to do around the house or they wouldn’t have made out too well.

Lizzie was busy with the Church and I think the Grange and other things. Her and Mom were good friends.

I’d go there all the time as I paled around a lot with Harry and Harding as they were in the same grade with me along with Winnie.

Stayed the weekend often.

What stands out in my mind is the LONG table in the dining room. Of course with all those kids it had to be long.”

*Marge Glover Christie remembers: - “I stayed up there a lot and we had some good times rocking on the front porch and singing “The Old Rugged Cross” and such hymns. I can’t remember who played the organ but I think it was Neva.”

**Jana Glover Scheithauer remembers: - “When Harold Glover was in service and was going overseas, Mom and Dad went to see him in Alabama I think it was and they got Aunt
Lizzie to come and stay with Ronnie, Audrey and I. Well I guess Aunt Lizzie was used to being out in the country where it was quiet. Anyway I slept downstairs in Mom and Dads bedroom with
her, and she was up and down all night looking out the window if someone went by wondering who that was!!”

**Ellie Glover Capadonia remembers: - “I think "Aunt Lizzie" is a kind of endearing name. Grandma Glover was a most kind, dear person and I have such great memories of being welcomed and staying at her house, walking over to Mehlebachers with her little metal milk container to get fresh milk, and sitting on her porch in the evening, hearing stories and watching the fireflies. No electric or running water, so peaceful. I wish that I could remember the stories she told. Her sugar cookies, made on her wood stove, were delicious and always had a raisin in the middle. Although she had dozens of grandchildren, I always felt special there and probably all the other grandchildren did also. The Glover family reunion was the highlight of our summer. What a wonderful woman Grandma was, just writing about her makes me miss her and wish she were still with us. The stories she could tell!”


Elizabeth Wright’s parents were Nathan A. Wright and Lelious Emily Mason. Nathan Wright was born Aug 8, 1839 in South Dansville, NY on a farm on the road leading from Healy’s Corners to the head of Glenn Hill. He died June 26, 1910 in Burns, NY. He served in the Civil War with Co. B, 13th Regiment, New York Volunteers. Lelious was born Apr 2, 1843 in Detroit, MI; d June 13, 1903. They were married Apr 28, 1861 in Dansville, NY by Rev. Pierceal. (17)

They are buried at the Canaseraga, NY Cemetery. Their tombstone photographed in 2006 by H. Ross Glover reads:

Co. B. 13 Regt. N.Y.V.
1839 – 1910

1843 – 1903

Timeline for Nathan Wright:

1850---West Sparta, Livingston Co, NY—young man living on a farm (likely a match)

1860—age 30, Groveland, Livingston Co., NY in the household of Daniel Reller. (likely a match)

1870—Ossian, Livingston Co., NY with wife and 2 daughters. A farm hand.

1880—Nathan was a laborer living in South Dansville, NY with his wife and 6 children.

1900---Nathan farmer in Burns, NY with his wife and two children. Living nearby were their daughter Ellen Elizabeth and her husband James Lee Glover

1910—The widowed Nathan lived with his son Ralph in Burns, NY. He died that year.

The 8 children of Nathan and Lelious were: Sarah (1864), Ida (1867), Carrie (1871), John (1873), Manly (1875), Ralph (1878), Ellen Elizabeth (1882), Bertha (1885). (4)

1. Sarah H. Wright Smith was b Dec 18, 1864, South Dansville, NY. She married Emmett Smith (b abt 1860). (5, 17)
2. Ida M. Wright Wentworth was b Mar 16, 1867 in South Dansville, NY; died June 12, 1935. (4, 17) She married John M. Wentworth (1854-1931) in abt 1886 per 1910 Census. She had 4 children, with two living in 1910. They lived in Burns, NY in 1910 with children 23 yr old Bessie A., 22 yr old Warren M. and his widowed mother, 77 yr old Susan M. Wentworth. Ida and John
also lived in Burns in 1920. In 1930, they lived in Bolivar, NY. In 1870, 16 yr old John lived in Burns, NY with his parents Loren L. (b abt 1826, MA) and Susan M. Wentworth (b abt 1833, NY) and siblings. They were farmers. Loren and family lived in Burns in 1850 and 1860. Warren Wentworth was a WWI Vet. He was born Oct 26, 1888, Burns, NY per WWI draft card. Jan 5, 1917 he was single, and a farmer in Burns. He married Daisy A. (1884-1958 per tombstone) abt 1919. They had 4 daughters: Bessie M (b abt 1923), Susie E, (b abt 1925), Selena E. (b abt 1927), Roberta F. (b abt 1929) per 1930 Census. Per H. Ross Glover, Bessie died young; Susie married Carl Phiilips; Selena married George Butler; Roberta did not marry.

Canaseraga Cemetery (Scott section near the highway) transcriptions for the Wentworths:
John M. Wentworth 1854-1931
Ida Wentworth 1867-1935
Warren M. Wentworth 1887-1938 Veteran
Daisy A. Wentworth 1884-1958 (Warren)

3. Carrie J. Wright Snyder was b Feb 22, 1871 in South Dansville, NY; d May 23, 1933. She married Frank E. Snyder (b abt 1869 in MI) in abt 1898 per 1910 Census. (5, 17) In 1870, Frank lived with his 48 yr old father Milhauty (?) Snyder and 45 yr old mother Emily and 3 siblings in Plainfield, MI. In 1880, 11 yr old Frank lived in Plainfield, MI with his widowed mother Emily
(b abt 1825) and brother George (b abt 1854) . In 1910 Carrie and Frank lived in Plainfield, MI with children 11 yr old Grace G., 9 yr old Leona L., and 6 yr old Claude N. Snyder. He was a farmer and his parents were born in NY. In 1930, she lived in Grand Rapids, MI and was a widow.

4. John H. Wright was b July 12, 1873 in South Dansville, NY; died Oct 4, 1943. He married Hannah J. (b in 1875, NY; d 1921). They are buried at the Canaseraga, NY Cemetery. (5, 17) In 1920, John and Hannah lived in Almond, NY. He was a farmer.

New York | Olean | Times Herald | 1944-02-01

Elizabeth Glover, a sister, and Glenn Glover and James G. Craig, all of Canaseraga. were empowered to make settlement of 'the not, more than $600 personally and the not more than $600 realty estate of the late John H. Wright of the Town of Burns who died October 4, 1943. One of the assets of the estate is a seventy- three-acre farm in the Town of Almond. The heirs are three sisters. Sarah Smith and Elizabeth Glover of Canaseraga and Bertha Lockwood of Marion, Ohio; three nephews, five nieces and four grandnieces.

5. Manly Wright was b Apr 13, 1875 in South Dansville, NY; died Mar 9, 1918. He married Nellie A. (1878-1975) in 1887 per 1900 Census. They are buried at the Canaseraga, NY Cemetery. (5, 17) in 1910, they lived in Burns, NY with 12 yr old Norman A (b Apr 8, 1898., 10 yr old Merton C (b Dec 31,1899)., and 7 yr old Daisy B. Wright (b abt abt 1902). He was a farmer.

6. Ralph A. Wright was b Oct 17, 1878 in South Dansville, NY; d Mar 25, 1925. He married Lottie M. (b abt 1886, NY) in abt 1906. He is buried at the Canaseraga, NY Cemetery with
infant son (b 1912). (5, 17) In 1910 they lived in Burns, NY along with Ralph’s father, Nathan Wright, and Lottie’s 9 yr old sister Leona Brown. Ralph was a teamster doing lumberwork. In
1920, Ralph and Lottie lived in Burns, NY.

7. Ellen Elizabeth Wright Glover was born Oct 11, 1882 in Ossian,NY. She died Mar 22, 1963 in Friendship, NY. She married James Lee Glover (1968-1933) on Apr 23, 1900. She went by
Elizabeth or Lizzie, not Ellen. She was buried at the Arkport Cemetery on Mar 25, 1963 (5, 17).

8. Bertha Wright Lockwood was b Feb 10, 1885 in Ossian, NY; d July 23, 1955. (5, 17) She married George O. Lockwood (b abt 1886, NY) in abt 1907 per 1910 Census. In 1910 they lived in Hornell, NY with 2 yr old Theresa C.. He was an office clerk. In 1920, George, Bertha and Theresa lived in Marion, Ohio along with 8 yr old so Walter A. He was an engine inspector with the Erie Railroad. They lived In Marion, Ohio in 1930, also with 2 yr old Joan. He was an engineer and dispatcher with the steam railroad.


James Lee Glover, Clara & Elizabeth & seven of their daughters.              Clara & Frances  

glover3_thumb  Children of James & Elizabeth Glover, Arkport, NY, @1928.  (Front row:  Harding, Neva, Elizabeth (Betty), Winnifred (Winnie) & Harry.  Back row:  Glen, James, Floyd - holding Vida, Howard, Gladys, Marian, Roy, Lillian & Otto.                                     

Submitted by Bob Glover
(Photos and stories are posted above..... Note: Also see GLOVER FAMILY OBITUARY COLLECTION: William Glover of Hull, Yorkshire, England and Burns, Allegany Co., NY and his descendants by Harold Ross Glover and Robert Harold Glover  )  See also photos CANASERAGA CEMETERY.