Genealogy Summary of Loring, Burdick & York Families of Allegany County, NY

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Milton, Son of Augustus David Loring and Abigail Jeanette Green, - b Jun 19, 1873 Farina, Fayette Co., Ill., d April 7, 1959 Yorks Corners and buried Yorks Corners;
Married          (1) Ada Blanche Burdick b Aug 19, 1878, d May 10, 1905 Yorks Corners buried Yorks Corners; m  April 2, 1895
Married         (2) Nellie M. Green b 1885 - d 1939 buried Yorks Corners

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Samuel Green, Civil War Vet wounded in action.  Grandfather of Milton Loring and Great grandfather of Dennis Loring 1965 (son of Milton Loring), b 1825 - d Oct 18, 1892. 
Married - Ruth Wells, b 1824 - d Sep 19, 1888  (Parents of Abigail Jeanette Green Loring...this is mother of Milton Augustus Loring)

Granddaughter of Samuel Green:  Pluma Green - b 1867 Allegany Co., NY - d 2 Sep 1890, Daughter of William Riley Green and Polly P. Gardner

*This information about Milton Augustus Loring by grandson Richard Loring August 2006:

--He dug a double grave with brick walls, and flagstone walls.
--Grandfather also made his own casket, in fact, he made three.  The first was too small.  He gave it to a family that had had a death and no money.  The second, the
  pillow was too high so he couldn't close the lid with him in it.  When he finally got it right, he had it sitting in the little alcove off the living area.
--The reason he made his own casket is, when he went to the funeral of a good friend, it was raining.  When they went to carry him out of the church, they picked it up
  and the bottom and the man were still there.  So grandfather says "that will never happen to me!"  His casket had all wooden dowels - no nails or screws, no glue.

--Now, as for Gabby Hayes, the night Gabby was born, my grandfather, Milton Loring, was downstairs visiting Gabby's father.  When Gabby was going to Europe, he
  had to have proof of birth in the U.S. to get a passport, so grandfather vouched for him being born here. 

From Allegany County Democrat, October 12, 1892;  Submitted by Elaine Haggard:
Beat This!   We the undersigned potato diggers, of the Town of Willing did dig, pick up, draw and put in the cellar 250 bushels of potatoes inside of 10 hours on Azariah Beach's farm near Yorks Corners on the 7th day of October, 1892.  C.A. Gardner; M. Loaring (Milton Loring); H.E. Med; A. Goodridge.


Pvt David Alonzo Loring - Company B 305 Infantry (son of Milton Augustus Loring & Ada Blanche Burdick)

Wellsville, NY Street named after Pvt David Alonzo Loring, Company B, 305 Infantry
b Dec 7, 1896, Willing - d Nov 18, 1918, France, WW1.    David worked at Kerr Turbine in Wellsville, NY, and later a RFD Mail Carrier out of Wellsville.  Drafted into Army B306 Infantry in 1917.  He was wounded September 29th in France and died in Base Hospital 25 in France. His body was returned to the United States and was buried February 24th, 1921 in Yorks Corners Cemetery, Town of Willing, Allegany County, NY. 

Genealogy information of Ada Blanche Burdick Loring

loring5_thumb    Eusebia Almira York (b Nov 21, 1847 - d Jan 1, 1882 Fayette Co., Ill), daughter of Ichobod Hiram York II & Sarah Stillman &  Mother of Eli, Ida, and Ada Burdick

loring6_thumb     Ida and Ada Burdick daughters of James Russell Burdick and Eusebia Almira York

loring4_thumb    Eli Burdick, b Aug 8, 1874 d Jul 19, 1894, son of James Russel Burdick (b Sep 30, 1849 - d Sep 27, 1881 Fayette Co., Ill)  and Eusebia Almira York (b Nov 21, 1847 - d Jan 1, 1882 Fayette Co., Ill)

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  loring10_thumb     Eliza York          loring11_thumb   Marriage Certificate

Unknown or Uncertain photos from the Milton A. Loring Family Records:

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