Millspaugh Family

"Gazebo at Wellsville"

Here is the photo I believe to be in Wellsville, around 1916.

My aunt Virginia was born in 1908, and looks to be around 8-10.

Here are the known family ancestors in the picture:
Letha Briggs Millspaugh (Lee’s wife) – front row, left, 2nd person from left;
Martha Briggs (Letha’s mother) – front row, left, 6th person from left (in black);
Ella Graves Millspaugh (Lee’s mother, PKs wife) 2nd row, left, 9th person from left;
Lee Graves Millspaugh (Letha’s husband) back row, left, 4th person from left;
Virginia Millspaugh (later McCracken) center – fifth from left (tallest);
Pathuel Knapp (PK) Millspaugh (Ella’s husband, Lee’s father) back row right 1st on right.

submitted by Herbert McKinstry