Elmer's Ancestors
ELMER LEROY McINTOSH is a Sixth Generation McIntosh. His ancestors settled in Almond, NY. His father Elmer Daniel McIntosh fought in the Civil War and settled in Washington, DC after he was discharged. Although Elmer was born in Washington, he maintained relationships with his Almond relatives and his youngest daughter Ada (my mother) spent many childhood summers in Almond. She was 11 when her father died so, of course, I never knew my grandfather.

The following is merely a thumb-nail sketch of my branch of the McIntosh tree. The names shown in bold uppercase letters reflect my descendancy. Please contact me at  for additional information on the entire McIntosh clan.

JOHN McINTOSH was born in Scotland in the early 1700s. He married Mary McPhail and they had six children: Duncan, John, Lachlan, ANGUS, Alexander and James.

ANGUS McINTOSH was born in Scotland before 1750. He married Bethsadia, born in Aberdeen. They emmigrated to America before the Revolutionary War.  They settled in Princetown, Schnectady Co. and had eight children: John, Laughlin, Margaret, Christina, PHINEAS, Angus, Nancy and Alexander. Angus died in 1811 in Princetown. Little is known about Bethsadia.

PHINEAS McINTOSH was born in Scotland about 1765. He married Elisabeth Smith in 1791 and they lived in Corry's Bush before settling in Almond in 1814. Elisabeth was born in New York. They had ten children: Phineas, Angus, James, DANIEL, Elizabeth, Alexander, Loflig, John, Sallie and Serena.

DANIEL McINTOSH was born about 1804 in New York. He married Delana VanVechten, daughter of Jeremiah VanVechten. She was born in 1817. Elmer and Delana had two children, Charles Webster and ELMER DANIEL. Their mother died in 1839 at age 22 and Charles went to live with his VanVechten grandparents. It is not known where Elmer spent his childhood. Delana is buried in Bishopville Cemetery in Almond. Daniel died in 1880 in Almond but his burial place is unknown.

ELMER DANIEL McINTOSH was born about 1838 in Almond. He was a farmer prior to 1862, when he enlisted in the Union Army. Assigned to Company D in the 86th Infantry Regiment, Elmer was subsequently appointed Hospital Steward and held the rank of Corporal in 1865 when he was discharged due to ill health. Elmer married Sarah Hackney in Washington in 1864. They had two children, ELMER LEROY and Ione. Elmer Daniel and daughter Ione both died within months of each other in 1872.  Sarah was born about 1847 and died in 1917.  All are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Washington.

My Great-Grandfather’s Descendants
ELMER LEROY McINTOSH was born September 13, 1865 in Washington, DC. He moved to New York about 1897 and married Flora Hoffman, daughter of Albert Joshua Hoffman and Fannie F. Fagan. Flora was born September 21, 1880 in Frederick, MD. Elmer and Flora eventually settled in Brooklyn, NY and had four children: Ione, Elmer, Carl, and ADA; two other daughters, Eva and Myrtle, died in infancy. An early pioneer in motion pictures, Elmer worked for Vitagraph as a film editor and was in charge of the negative department. Elmer died from a stroke on October 5, 1922 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Brooklyn. Flora died September 22, 1965 and is buried in the Hoffman family plot in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Frederick, MD.

The photo of Elmer (holding baby Carl) and Flora and their children, Ione and Elmer Daniel 2nd, was taken in 1905.

IONE MONITA McINTOSH was born July 7, 1898 in New York. She died September 30, 1976 and is buried in the Hoffman family plot in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. Her only child survives and he has three children and three grandchildren.

ELMER DANIEL McINTOSH 2nd was born October 28, 1902 in New York. He and his wife made their home in Brooklyn and had three boys to carry on the family name; all survive. Elmer died December 9, 1991 in Jacksonville, FL. His ashes are buried in New Albany, PA, where he lived after retiring from the New York Port Authority and before moving to Florida. His widow is now 97 and has ten grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

CARL STANLEY McINTOSH was born November 15, 1903 and died August 31, 1971. He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, alongside his father. Carl married Dorothy Lewis and adopted her two children from a previous marriage.

ADA LEE McINTOSH was born June 1, 1911 and died at age 93 on February 26, 2005. She is buried in Woodland Cemetery, Bellport, NY. Upon confirmation, she took June as her middle name and many know her only by that name. Ada was survived by her husband, who died on September 14, 2007, two children, five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. She was a wonderful mother and will be missed terribly by all who knew her.

Generations 8, 9 and 10 are all living. Their identities have been withheld to protect their privacy.

My Research
My research has been quite thorough and is never-ending. I am most grateful for the assistance provided by Almond Historical Society and Kelly Krause. One of the problems encountered in researching the large McIntosh clan is that they all named their children after each other. In fact, in his will Angus made bequests to his five grandsons -- all had been named Angus! Through my internet research I have found several McIntosh cousins I never knew existed. One lives in North Carolina (our great-grandfathers, Elmer Daniel and Charles Webster, were brothers); others in California and Chicago; many still live in Almond and its surrounding areas.


Source:  Originally published on AOL’s Hometown page, which was shutdown October 2008.

Submitted by Diane Michell 12/5/08