Pike, Mills & Hussong Families

"I posted this photo on several websites. It's a photo of my ggg/grandparents, David Pike and his wife, Mary Mills-Pike taken on old tin type, date unknown, but both died in Nunda Township in 1874. I have much information on them and their children. David and Mary had 6 children that they raised on 6 acres of land David bought in the Ketland Tract of Nunda Township in 1854 for $60. That land was added to by his son John A. Pike and sold to the State by Oscar Pike in 1934 as part of the Rattlesnake Hill Wildlife Refuge. I have several other old photos in my collection of the children and grandchildren of David & Mary Pike."  Gary W. Pike 2/25/2006.

"The Ketland Tract is on the East Hill of Nunda. The farm of David Pike was situated on what was Pike Road, I believe off of Shute Road in the Town of Nunda. The Pike Road is still on some maps. The Farm of David Pike that is now part of the Rattlesnake Hill Wildlife Preserve  is on the North East corner. I do not know where David Pike came from but I read that he came to the Nunda Area about 1843, about the time he was married. The family story is that David's father came from Connecticut and his mother was Native American (Mohawk). Mary Mills is the daughter of John Mills or Milles. At least that is what is on her son Johns' death certificate. I am unaware of any historical attachment of the Pike and Mills names in Allegany County, but it is possible that David Pike and his wife Mary Mills could have lived there at one time before 1843. David Pike was born about 1806 and Mary Mills was born about 1817 in Tyrone, NY.

My wife is related to the Hussong's who farmed in Grove and other parts of Allegany County and is a descendant of Christian Hussong on her mothers side. An early writing by a Hussong ancestor says that Christian Hussong came from Germany about 1832. His son, Wilhelm or William was killed in the Civil War at Gettysburg, Pa in 1863. I'm currently researching the Hussong Family for my wife as her mother, Dorothy Ruth Hussong-DiSalvo passed away this past February12th in Dansville. If you have any information on Christian Hussong or his descendants I would be most grateful if you would pass it on."  Gary W. Pike  2/26/2006

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