A Brick Wall Success Story:
The Parents of William Potter of Brookfield in Madison County
and Portage/Belfast in Allegany County, New York
Webmaster Note:  The above title was donated to Allegany County Historical Society for publication here.  All material remains the copyright of the authors and is their own work.  It is one of the most complete reports we have ever received and we proudly publish it herewith.
A co-author (one of three cousins) who is interested in continuing research collaboration with others who might become "mutual cousins" is offering to converse with not only William Potter researchers, but, offers the following list (in alphabetical list):  Bassett, Bentley, Bower/Bauer, Chamberlain, Cooper, Crandall, Fuller, Johnson, Livermore, Peavy, Potter, Reynolds, Roys/Royce, Rumsey, Seager/Sager, Walldorf and Whitcomb. Needless to say, I have very deep roots in Allegany County.  Please contact Mark A. Rumsey via email.  It is recommended that in the subject line you mention the surname(s) you wish to discuss with Mark.

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A Brick Wall Success Story: The Parents of William Potter of Brookfield in Madison County and Portage/Belfast in Allegany County, New York