Portville NY Review 9-4-1947


Russell Wells of Smethport was elected president of the Wells family reunion when the descendants of Clark S. Wells of Bells Run was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clark E. Wells in Wellsville Sunday with 50 percent. Mr. and Mrs Stillman Wells were named to the entertainment committee for next year.

After a tureen dinner a business meeting was held. Other officers named were: Mrs. Hazel Crandall, Olean, secretary and treasurer; Mrs Eva Fuller, Bell Run, historian, Mrs Ralph Wells and Mrs Etta Bell, Bells run, refreshments.

Attending the session were: Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wells, Mrs Etta Bell and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Worden and daughter, Mr. and Mrs Earl Fuller and family Mrs. Eva Fuller and grandson and Larry Fuller, Bells run.

Also Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Wells, Mr. and Mrs. Stillman Wells, Mr. and M. Russell Wells and son. Mr. and Mrs. George Wood (Viola Wells) and sons, Allentown; Mrs. Harold Prouty and Family, Watrous.

Mrs Hazel Crandall and daughter, Olean; Mr. and Mrs. Randall Wells and family, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Fanton and family, Vincent Wells, Miss Eleanor Weber and Mr. and Mrs. Clark Wells, Wellsville and Miss Shirley Mix, Ceres.

Parenthesis by transcriber; Researched & Transcribed by Donald Adams