Witter, Hayes Family Picnic

Witter Hayes picnic

Photo courtesy of Stephen Sweet.

The Witter and Hayes families of the Willing and Wellsville area held a picnic at Shady Glen, in the Alma area, ca. 1927.

Top Row - Eric Allen (husband of Hattie), George Glenn Witter, Clark Hayes, Victor Witter, Daniel Wellington Witter, Lawrie L. Witter.

Second Row - Myrtle Phillips Erwin, Betty Phillips Crittenden, Margaret Witter, ?, Eloise Hayes, Emily Witter (daughter of Victor and Mary), Florence Phillips Sweet, Grace Witter Art (daughter of Daniel and Rose Witter), Rose Witter (Daniel's wife), Carolyn Witter (Lawrie's wife).

3rd Row - Lillian Hayes (Clark's wife), next three are Clark and Lillian's children: (Clark, Rachel, ?),
Nellie Hayes Ebeling, Bettie Hayes Witter, Lewis Witter, Phoebe Hayes, Hattie Hayes Allen (holding Bobby), her children, Mary Witter (wife of Victor), Jessie Witter Phillips.

Front Row - Charles Allen, ? (possibly child of Nellie)

Lewis Witter had been a produce wholesaler, and had served as Town Supervisor of Willing (as had his father, Daniel Witter). Bettie Hayes Witter and Lewis Witter were parents of George Glenn, Victor, Daniel Wellington, Lawrie L., and Jessie Witter.  George (known to family and friends as Glenn) practiced law in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, Calif., Victor was a minister and moved to Seattle, Lawrie moved to Boston where he practiced law, Daniel had been the Allegany County Sheriff and had an insurance business, and Jessie was a school teacher and administrator in Wellsville for many years.

Clark, Hattie, and Nellie Hayes were siblings. Their brothers (not pictured) were William Hayes, George (Gabby) Hayes, and Morrison Hayes (killed in WWI in France). The ice cream for the picnic was provided by Clark, who had an ice cream company in Portville.

Myrtle, Betty, and Florence Phillips were daughters of Jessie Witter Phillips.

Photograph taken ca.1927, at Shady Glen (Alma), N.Y.