Yeager Family

Elizabeth Hand  married on  02/0/1892 to  William Yeager
B: 07/11/1874  D: 06/04/1943                    B: 11/08/1868 D: 12/15/1935

     Mortimer Ebenezer Yeager       B:  10/09/1893     D:  01/13/1947
     Ernest LeRoy Yeager               B:  10/25/1898     D:  08/19/194

Mortimer Ebenezer Yeager married on 08/0/1919 to  Sabra Hamson
B: 10/09/1893 D: 01/13/1947                                      B:  ?     D: 06/18/1967

Ernest LeRoy Yeager married on    ?  to  Evelyn  ?
B: 10/25/1898  D: 08/19/1944                   B:  ?      D:  1968

     Ebenezer Yeager         B: 0/0/1922
     Eugene Yeager            B: 0/0/1923
     William Yeager             B: 0/0/1925
     Easter Elizabeth Yeager  B: 05/15/1929
     Robert Roy Yeager     B: 07/01/1933
     Richard Alan Yeager  B: 07/01/1933  D: 10/2/2000

Ebenezer Yeager married on    ?    to  Veta ?
B: 0/0/1922  D:                                      B:             D:

     William Ebenezer Yeager  B: 3/09/1944
     Jean Carol Yeager      B: 9/27/1946
     David Yeager             B: 12/5/1948
     Evelyn Lucy Yeag      B:
     Pat Yeager                 B:
     Howard Yeager          B:
     Guy Yeager                B:
     Alberta Yeager           B:                                                 

Eugene Yeager married on 3/0/1945 to   ? Humpreys
B: 0/0/1923  D:                                            B:            D:
     Jean Elizabeth Yeager B: 7/31/1945

Eugene Yeager married to Unknown;  Married to 2nd Wife Jerrene  ?                                                                                             

     Ernest Eugene Yeager  B: 03/04/1947
     Thomas Isaac Yeager   B: 11/12/1948
     Brenda Yeager              B:

William Yeager married on 8/0/1943 to Frances Norton
B: 0/0/1925  D:                                      B: 6/0/1927  D:

     Coretta Lee Yeager      B: 8/12/1945
     William Donald Yeager  B: 2/25/1947

Esther Elizabeth Yeager married on 4/5/1948 to Melvin West
B: 5/15/1929  D:                                                   B:              D:          

     Mortimer Lawson West  B: 01/12/1949  
     Janet Melva West           B: 05/27/1955
     Barry Jay West              B: 06/02/1956

Esther Elizabeth Yeager married 2nd Husband  on 3/24/1962  Francis D. Guthrie
                                                                                                   B:            D:
     Gregory Lee Guthhrie  B: 01/25/1963

Robert Roy Yeager married on 12/22/1953 to Edna Midgett
B: 7/1/1933  D:                                                 B: 0/0/1934  D: 12/16/1983

     Jane Orenda Yeager         B: 05/06/1955
     Andrew Michael Yeager   B: 10/05/1956
     Susan Irene Yeager          B: 09/30/1957
     Robert Alan Yeager          B: 06/06/1962
     Cynthia Ann Yeager         B: 11/12/1963
     Neil Philip Yeager              B: 07/14/1965

Richard Alan Yeager married on 6/2/1951  to Carolyn   ?
B: 7/1/1933  D: 10/2/2000                                B: 0/0/1933  D:

     Richard Romaine Yeager  B: 12/06/1952
     Alma Lynn Yeager            B: 05/01/1954

Coretta Lee Yeager married on   ?     to     ?   Chalk
B: 8/12/1945   D:                                          B:            D:

     Elizabeth Chalk        B: 1/14/1964

Andrew Michael Yeager married on 6/25/1977 to Gwendolyn Nalle
B: 10/15/1956  D:                                                    B:              D:

     Christopher Yeager     B: 07/26/1983

Susan Irene Yeager married on 4/8/1982 to Michael C. Kay
B: 9/30/1957

Robert Alan Yeager married on 2/29/1992 to Nancy Alle Smith
B: 6/6/1962                                               B:


 The following information was researched and submitted by William A. Greene of Andover, NY, upon request of a member of the Yeager family.  This information is meant to help you in your quest for family.  As with all material provided by others,  you must verify using your own methods.  Please report any errors you may discover (with proof of correction needed)  so we can provide accuracy on the web.