From the Andover News, May 19, 1916.
Transcribed by Karen Meisenheimer.




Whitesville, May 13—Marcus Lafayette Butler died Wednesday as the result of a fall last Saturday which broke his hip. He was unconscious since Sunday.

Mr. Butler was born in Cherry Valley, Otsego County, N. Y. September 2, 1824, and was 91 years and eight months old. On July 12, 1852, he was married to Miss Harried A. Pitts of Middletown, Otsego County, who died January 7, 1896. One child was born, Miss Jane Butler, who has been her father’s companion many years. Mr. Butler came to Whitesville over 50 years ago and for a long period was the leading lawyer here.

The funeral was held Friday afternoon; the Rev. C. L. Paddock and the Rev. J. E. Tallant officiating. Interment was in Rural cemetery.