Horace Hitchcock, of Bolivar, Slightly Demented, Shoots Himself.

Bolivar, NY Sept 29 (1888)  The dead body of Horace Hitchcock, an old and respected citizen of th1s place, aged 77 years, was found in the woods about five miles from here this morning about 10:30 o’clock.  Mr Hitchcock left his home on Olive street, early Tuesday morning and wandered away as he often has done on previous occasions.  He has always returned after a lapse of a day or two, but this time he never returned.  His friends and neighbors became alarmed and searching parties went out Wednesday evening and continued the search until this morning, when they found him lifeless.  He had three bullet holes in his head, two below the right eye and one above the forehead.  In his inside coat pocket was found a thirty two caliber Smith & Wesson revolver, of which four chambers were empty.  The old gentleman was known to be slightly demented and threatened shooting himself several times.

Oct 3, 1888 - Allegany County Democrat

Submitted by Mary Rhodes