Bradley M. Phillips (1830-1895)

Bradley M. PhillipsBradley M. Phillips was born in the town of Deerfield, Oneida county, N.Y., Dec. 25,, 1830, lived there until he was nine years old, then moved to Farmersville, Cattaraugus County, N.Y., and lived there until he was twenty; then moved into the town of Willing, Allegany Co., N.Y., where he lived until the date of his death.

He was married to Miss Sarah A. Johnson, Oct. 2, 1854, a most estimable and a true help-mate. After a married life of true unbroken domestic peace, she still survives him. Mr. Phillips came to this town forty years ago with good resolutions and upright heart and mind. He soon found friends, was always industrious. He had a family in which he took great delight and while acquiring a good degree of wealth he proved himself to be a benefactor to the poor. He began life as all should, determined not to live life in vain. He died at the age of 64 years and a life of usefulness is a long life.

He not only succeeded in obtaining a good estate but also succeeded in obtaining a more important work of building up a character of good moral principles. His religion consisted of doing good to all as he had opportunity. He was a Universalist in faith and in practice and now that a life so busy, so useful, so tender in the home, so hospitable and sympathetic to friends is here ended. Has it ended? No, no! says reason and affection and more than all so says Christ. His life is transferred to the heavenly mansions. To the beloved wife and dutiful son, who are the only surviving members out of the family of five, the sympathy of all hearts are given. Father, brother, and sister have passed into the higher life and into the greater glory.

He needs no eulogy of mine but I cannot let this opportunity pass without offering a brief tribute to the memory of a man whose countenance was a benediction, who was kid to all and who had not an enemy. Mr. Phillips was well-known to all the people of the town and the vicinity in which he lived and I am confident that no one ever knew him but to respect him. As a husband, father, brother, citizen and christian he fulfilled every duty with faithfulness and with fidelity. He was truly amiable to all the relation of life. His words were words of truthfulness; his daily product was that of a modest christian. His reputation for incorruptible integrity has never been questioned, his character for all that was kind, tender-hearted, charitable and praiseworthy speaks eloquently to us and to all who knew him and enjoyed his society…

His funeral was attended from his home on Sunday, Jan. 20th, 1895. A sermon was preached to a large congregation of sympathizing friends and relatives.

[Bradley Phillips served as Town of Willing Supervisor from 1877-1878.]