OBItuary Notices.

Eveline D. Redgate,

Daughter of Anna M. and Charles Redgate,

Died in Alma, Allegany County, NY.

August 6, 1868; aged 19 years and 3 days.

Singular Presentiment of Death

Three weeks previous to her death, her parents were aroused in the night by her screams.  They went to her room to ascertain the cause, but she gave no satisfactory reason for doing so.  The next morning at the breakfast table, she told them that she had had a singular dream in the night, “that something white had come to her bed-side and told her that she was going to die within three weeks.”  They laughed at her, thinking it but a dream; but she persisted in saying “it was a reality; and that she was going to die.”  In three weeks, wanting fifteen minutes, her spirit passed from earth away.

Some time previous to her death, she experienced religion; but for some reason had become cold, although she had not gone back entirely to the world, nor had she given up her religious duties; when she felt that she was soon to die, she began to feel that something more than a name—a mere profession, was necessary and consequently, sought earnestly, and found in Jesus a satisfying portion.  Her last days, were days of triumph.

Many of her young friends and relatives gathered around her bed, and dropped a sympathizing tear, as they listened to her groans and earnest prayers, for she longed to go, and prayed for Jesus to come and take her to himself.

A few days before she died, she called her friends and neighbors to her bed-side and kissed them, bade them good-bye, and requested them to meet her in Heaven.  She then desired them to sing—she joining in the singing---

“O come angel bands,”

and was soon after borne away on their wings of light, to the realms of eternal bliss.  Thus she passed away, according as she had been admonished in her dream.  Four Physicians were called to see her during her sickness, but they were of no avail---the eternal fiat had gone forth---“Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.”

Wm. Manning.

(Submitted by Marilyn Morgan of Lincoln, CA, a descendent of the Redgate Family; Unknown newspaper)