Transcribed by Gina Cappello

(From the scrapbook of Eddy C. [1857-1944] & Helen White Gilbert [1855-1929].  Clippings may not be dated and newspaper may be unknown, unless noted. Most dates supplied were handwritten and initialed by the collectors.)  In most cases, these clippings were from Rushford Spectator/The Spectator

NOTE: This obituary was pasted in scrapbook between items dated (in pencil) 1889.



    Friday, the remains of William A. Stewart were brought to this place from Angelica, where he died at the County House, aged 78 years.

    The funeral was held in the Presbyterian Church Saturday morning, Rev. Cone officiating, and the body interred in the White cemetery.

    An adopted daughter who lives in this place, is the only remaining relative.

    Some fifty years ago Mr. Stewart came to Rushford.  He chose the law as his profession, progressed rapidly in that calling and became a brilliant and eminent lawyer of his time.  He was a popular and influential citizen and besides filling town offices, he was elected District Attorney of this county, and the possibilities of the judgeship were his.  But then began his downfall.  Liquor and opium gradually became his masters, his business felt their effects and wasted away, and at a time when he might have been wealthy and happy and the possessor of a home in which to have enjoyed his old age, he was destitute and miserable.  His life at the County House has been as pleasant as possible, and he has often spoken of Mr. Weaver in the highest terms of commendation.  Although blind for several years his mind has been quite clear, and he has taken a lively interest in the affairs of our town and county.

    A sad lesson may be learned from his life, and one which ought not to be forgotten.