Oswayo Valley Mail
April 7, 1915

Mrs. John Shields died at the Shields home in Alma, NY March 30, 1915 ae 71 years. A resident of that place for the last 44 years. Besides her husband she is survived by three daughters and two sons. Lawrence, of Alma, Mrs. Mary Margeson of Pike, Mrs. Ellen Mainard [sic] of Belmont, Katherine Ward and Arvis Shields of Wellsville, N.Y. Two sisters Mrs. J.E. Jones of Alma and Mrs. Lina Elliott of Shongo N.Y. Funeral Services were held at the house and the body taken to Wellsville for burial.

*Mrs. Ellen Mainard should  read Mrs. Luella Maynard.  Also should note that the Shields farm was at Kibbeville in PA near the NY border and considered a part of the Alma community.  Lucilla Foland Shields was born 22 Jun 1944 in Southport, Chemung, New York.  She died in Oswayo, Potter, PA (death certificate #26206).  She married John Shields 22 Nov 1868 in Alma. She is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Wellsville.


 Obituaries submitted by Sue Takagi