Transcribed from a 1901 newspaper clipping (newspaper unknown).

Fatal Accident

Cornelius Wright Struck by Erie Flyer

At ten o'clock Tuesday forenoon the Erie eastbound flyer number two struck Cornelius Wright at Whitney Crossings and injured him so badly that he died shortly afterward. Mr. Wright was drawing stones to be used in the wall of a cellar for a new house and was seated upon the load, and, as he was quite deaf, he evidently did not hear the approaching train and drove onto the track directly in front of it. He was thrown higher than the telegraph wires and struck on the ground several rods away. He was picked up and taken to his home a short distance east of Whitney Crossings, where he lived but a few minutes. While he was being taken to his home he was conscious and complained about his side hurting him badly. Just before his home was reached he lapsed into unconsciousness from which he did not rally. As soon as the accident occurred a telephone message was sent to this village for medical aid and Doctors A. T. Brown and O. S. Pratt started immediately to render assistance to the injured man but he was dead before they reached him. Mr. Wright's ribs on one side were badly broken, as was also one leg.

The wagon was entirely broken into pieces and the front of the locomotive was badly smashed by the stones but the team was uninjured.

Mr. Wright was struck at Whitney Crossings a few years ago by a Central New York & Western train. At that time he was riding on a load of logs and was only slightly injured.

The deceased was sixty-eight years.