Glover Family Obituary Collection

 William Glover of Hull, Yorkshire,  England and Burns, Allegany Co., NY and his descendants, provided by Harold Ross Glover and Robert Harold Glover.


WILLIAM GLOVER --first of Glover family to migrate from England 

Allegany Co. and married to ANN NICHOLS KUDER GLOVER



According to Faye Clancy, Historian, Town of Burns, NY, William Glover’s Death Record shows that he was 67 years old when he died in Burns, NY on March 27, 1891, was buried at Doty’s Corners Cemetery, and that he was born in England to Robert and Anna Glover.  He was born June 22, 1823, in Hull, Yorkshire County, England according to the Record of Family Traits by Albert Carl Glover.

Obituary of William Glover:

William apparently died as a result of congestive heart failure which was brought on by the straining of a bowel movement, common for older people with a weak heart.  William was the first known of a long list of Glovers with a heart problem.  This includes Daphne Gelser Glover and her sisters Martha and Theresa, and her daughters Onnolee and Leola.  H. Ross Glover had a quadruple by-pass surgery in1999 at age 75, but is fine now.   Robert Harold Glover had surgery for atrial fibrillation in 2005 at age 59, but then ran the New York City Marathon six weeks later.

Albert Carl Glover:  “The following account of the death of William Glover is an exact copy of a newspaper clipping found in an old scrap book.  The date of issue and name of paper was not in the clipping.”  This was found in a trunk owned by Daphne Gelser Glover upon her death and passed on to H. Ross Glover.  Clipping likely from  the Canaseraga Times.


William Glover, who lived a mile and a half east of this village on the Burns Road, was found dead in the water closet last Friday, about 2:30 p.m.  He had left the house sometime before noon, and his friends having missed him, and looking about found him sitting upright and dead.  Coroner A.T. Bacon having been called, empanelled a jury, consisting of D.H. McGibeny, S.P. Wilcox, Fayette Wadhams, Jas. Gardner, E. P. Green and Lloyd Miller Saturday morning and went to the residence, viewed the remains, took testimony and adjourned to the undertaking rooms of T .G. Wooster, and at 7 p.m., convened and 
took additional testimony and completed its work. Dr. W. H. Harris was directed to make the autopsy, and assisted by his son Fay B., did so in the afternoon.  The Dr. confined his examination to the heart and its appendages, and testified that the heart was in an abnormal position, being at an angle of about 40 degrees from right to left, with the pericardium (heart case) adhered to the sternum and ribs, and filled with water.  The adhesions were quite extensive and had restricted the heart's action very much.  Death was instantaneous from the water pouring in at the valves of the heart.  The finding of the jury was in accordance with these facts.

The deceased was born in Yorkshire, England 67 years ago, came to New York State nearly 40 years ago, his first wife having died about a year before.  He located first at Doty's Corners, Steuben County, and has lived in this section of the country ever since, the last 15 years having been spent in the town of Burns.  About 37 years ago he married Mrs. Ann Kuhder, and there had been born to him 5 boys and 1 girl, all of whom are alive. The boys are Robert, John, Richard, Dell 
and James, all being in this section, and Mrs. Israel Haynes, living in Hornellsville.  Too high a compliment cannot be paid to his many good qualities.  He was particularly cheerful and always had a kind, genial manner, which won friends wherever he sojourned. His convictions of right was very strong, and was well sustained by strict honesty in all his dealings with his fellow man.  Always industrious and at work, he had worn himself out too early.  He became connected with the M.E. church something more than 20 years ago, and bore himself all these years so as to honor his Christian profession.  In his death the community has lost a good neighbor and upright citizen; the children a kind father; and the wife a devoted, loving husband.

 The funeral was largely attended at his late residence on Sunday, and his remains laid to rest in the cemetery at Doty's Corners.  The family, though suddenly bereft of a loved one, have an example in his life which should cause an abundant of hope of a blessed immortality.



born April 17, 1826 in Pocklington, England, migrated with her parents in about 1836 to Burns, NY, and died May 24, 1896 in Burns.

Albert Carl Glover:  “The following account of the death of Ann Glover is an exact copy of a newspaper clipping found in an old scrap book.  The date of issue and name of paper was not in the clipping.”  This was found in a trunk owned by Daphne Gelser Glover upon her death and passed on to H. Ross Glover.  Clipping likely from the Canaseraga Times.


Died at the residence of her daughter Mrs. Israel Haynes, No. 6 Conklin Street, Sunday May 24th 1856, Mrs. Ann Glover, aged 69 years.  Prayer at the house Tuesday at 11:30 AM.  Funeral at the Burns Methodist Episcopal Church at 2:00 PM.
(The No 6 Conklin Street above was in Hornellsville, now Hornell, Steuben Co., NY)



WILLIAM NICHOLS, father of Ann Nichols Kuder Glover—the wife of William Glover

This account of William Nichols, Sr. was written in longhand by an unknown person and found in an old family album.  There was no date or signature.  It was typed up by Albert Carl Glover and found with family information in the trunk of Daphne Gelser Glover after her death:

“William Nichols, Sr. was born in Yorkshire, England and there he married Margaret Acomb. They came to America sometime near the year 1830.  He came one year before his wife.  She coming along with several children.  They were on the ocean a number of weeks, coming in a sailing vessel.  They lived in several localities, but finally settled in Burns, NY on the farm known as the Windfall, where they lived during the remainder of their lives.  Mr. Nichols being 76 years old at the time of his death and Mrs. Nichols 81 years old.”