Genesee Valley Free Press, July 29, 1863


List of Drafted men in Allegany County exempted from service for physical disability, upon examination by the Board of Enrollment of the 27th Congressional District of New York.

(Researched & Submitted by Mary Rhodes


Edwin R. Hazeltine, no teeth;  Benjamin F. Landon, general debility; Calvin B. James, only son of aged and infirm parents;  George A Green, diseased lungs and contracted chest; Norman W. Lewis, asthma;  George A. Forsyth, deformity of feet; Peter Perry, diseased lungs;  George W. Rose, hypertrophy of the heart;  David B. Matson, injury of knee; Reuben Fish, loss of index finger of right hand; Ransom Briggs, fracture of left tibia;  Landrena P. Lewis, hernia inguinal; Simeon H. Spencer, stiff knee joint;  George Culver, diseased eye.



Frances A. Krusen, 2 brothers in service; David E. Hoard, general debility; George M. Burlingame, general debility; Edw. D. Perkins, general debility; Jared Caple, lame knee; W. W. Philips, no teeth; N. W. Stevens, in service March 3rd 1863;  William Edwards, commuted;  Freeman Elliott, commuted; Lorenzo Witter, Substituted.



Wm C. Lever, organic disease heart; H. T. Stephens, loss of left great toe; Spencer Scribner, chronic disease of kidney; M. Williams, broken arm; T. Baker, general debility; Wm Hardy, disease of lungs; Wm A Clark, asthma; M. Kemp, splay foot; P. Gildun, aged and infirm parents; M. Bapham, general debility; John Lambort, diseased lungs; John Harpse, chronic disease of kidney; L. D. Hunt, aged and infirm parent;  L. Pingary, loss of teeth; B. F. Brown, dislocation of right clavicle; J. H. Kemp, deformed foot.



Wm J. Crane, gun shot in breast; Merritt Mackin, cavity in right lung; Pliny Parker, varicose veins; C. Ferrand, large wound in left leg; I. M. Moser, epilepsy; J. Porter, diseased lungs; J. W. Simpson, general debility; Edwin Mackin, splay foot; John Arnold, varicose veins; Uriah Goodenough, general debility; Bart J. Coats, stiff great toe; John Reve, tumor of the neck; Chauncey Isbel, general debility; F. T. Fisher, loss of teeth; H. J. Torry, father of motherless children; C. Horn, over age; C. Peinke, alien; H. S. Woolsey, non resident; Levi Zimmer, no teeth; William H. Miller, only son of aged parents; Peter Shaffer, under age; Moses Stern, only son of aged parents, Charles M. Wilder, over 35 years old, James B. Bray, only son of a widow;  Willoughby Lowell, only son of a widow;  Robert H. Mason, short leg; Edward Griffin, no teeth; Arthur H. Moulton, aged and infirm parents;  Henry Ray, caries of left arm bone; Henry Matthias, alien.



Alfred Cooley, over age; Moses W. Reed, over age; Simeon Rogers, general debility; Wm. Brady, only son of a widowed mother; Thomas Harland, under age; Wm Duke, dislocation of great toe; Richard Ready, alien; Andrew J. Applebee, no teeth; Hezekiah Woodard, necrosi;  Webster D. Pettys, spasmodic asthma; John H. Black, dislocated elbow; Ebenezer J. Norton, diseased lungs; Giles Browning, bony deposit in knee;  Barton F. Earley, asthma; Lewis D. Browning, hip disease;  Loren D. Webster, ulcers of throat and contracted chest;  Chas. Duke, general debility; John Clear, nerosi fibrae;  Jasper J. White, near sighted; Lorenzo M. Neff, two fingers contracted;  George R. Potter, general debility; Edward C. Elwell, no teeth; Leroy Hermance, defective right eye; Archibald Wade, over age; Geo. Apsey, alien;  Henry Mangar, auchylosis of left wrist; John Clark, only son of infirm parents.



I. J. Elliott, fracture of coracoid; L. C. Burdick, paralysis of left great toe from a wound of the ankle; H. Elliott, fracture of coracoid process of right shoulder; T. Morrison, varicose veins; Wm. H. Lyon, atrophy of the bowels.



C. M. Kenyon, no teeth, G. W. Clark, gun shot wound in head, received in service;  B. F. Stratton, fracture of coracoid  process of right shoulder; W. M. Case, atrophy of the liver and collapsed lung;  L. Curk, large cicatrica of the right arm, obstructing use of elbow joint; David Dodson, paralysis of muscles of right eye.



G. H. Hoyt, general debility, Emery J. Millard, catarshal phtisis; Alanson Scott, great toe crossing the other toe with great pressure;  W. H. Stratton, organic disease of the heart;  A. S. Hanchett, loss of teeth;  G. B. Woodard, left hip joint diseased;  R. Fairchild, fracture of right femur;  H. W. Easton, diseased left lung; C. G. Knight, total loss of right eye;  D. Barnes, organic disease of stomach.



Robert E. Wilcox, tuberculoses in lungs;  Asa Bryam, fracture of right elbow; Chas Gilford, purulent oterrhoea;  Lorenzo D. Sisson, tuberculosis right lung; Richard D. Charles, splay foot;  Albert L. Gregory, impaired motion of elbow; Rodolphus Talcott, secondary syphilis;  Frank G. Stebbins, general debility and under size;  Russell T. Thurston, stiff left toe.



Warren W. Jaques, loss of teeth; John P. Booth, impaired action of elbow joint.


Capt S. M. Harmon, Prov. Mar.