BELMONT—Now entering into their new duties in the land or naval forces of the United States are the following physically accepted draftees from central and northern Allegany County whose names have been released by the Northern Allegany Draft Board here. These men reported to an Army induction center Monday, after leaving here by bus early that day.

This last contingent came from the towns listed below:

Alfred—Russell L. Langworthy, Roger S. Thomas and Kenneth M. Olson.
Almond—Alfred C. Dodge and Leo G. Alsworth.
Angelica—Roy F. Benjamin and Luciano J. Gullo.

Andover—William B. Dunham.
Belfast—Edward B. Gleason and  William R. Conway.
Belmont—Alfred I. Provorse.  John G. McNinch, George Hannigan. Raymond G. Coleman, John
C. Jordan and Harry J. Rice.
Black Creek---Richard C. - Botens and George M. Morrisey.
Canaseraga — Richard L.  Spencer, Richard L. Coombs. Howard  L. Dieter and Harold R. Glover.
Cuba—Cleon D. Ingraham. Arthur Robertson. William L. Childs,  Charles L. Burt, Milton R. Karst,
Carlisle S. Rbc. Harold G. Feuchter and Charles N. VanEtta.
Farmersville—Arthur C. Sampson.
Fillmore—William A. Curry, James G. Bloomster, Norman L. Young,  David N. Ayer, Deanne R. Pero and Arnold H. Eldridge.
Friendship—Frank M. Mullane,  John R. Bliss. John W. Nelson. Norman L. Prindle. Myron A. Burrows, Gerald L. Greene. Robert  A. Miller and Boyd R. Foster.
Houghton—Allen L. Isham. Donald J. Kouwe and Robert F. Wilhelm.
Nile—Lee H. Southwick and Wilbur King.
Rushford—Donald W. Leavens Jr., and Robert W. Childs.
Swain—Clair A. Macomber and  LaRue E. Underwood.

 Taken from the Olean Times Herald, 3/10/1943 and submitted by Bob Glover.