American Legion Dinner for World War I Veterans, Wellsville NY; February 1959
(from archives of Thelma Rogers Genealogical & Historical Society; submitted by Mary Rhodes)

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HERE ARE THE FIRST NAMES SUPPLIED BY VIEWERS.  (Keep them coming and we will add them here.)

Seated - LEFT TABLE: 6th from Left, Claude Nottingham; 7th from Left, Leo P. Anderson (Wellsville)

Seated - RIGHT TABLE: 2nd From Left, Leonard Snyder (Andover)

Seated - REAR TABLE: 2nd from Left, John Allen; Far Right, John Bush. (ID help from Bob Moran)

Standing: 2nd from Left, Raymond Snyder (Andover); 3rd from Left, Carlyle Myers (Andover).

Standing: Far Right, last man is Barney Schreiner (identified by grandson Stephen).

Standing: 11th from the left, Perry Lester Dence (Belmont); identified by granddaughter, Sharon Shipp.