Wellsville Man named Counsellor in Allegany County

September 20, 1945

Jack B. Moore, of Wellsville, well known newspaperman and veteran of the air fighting in World War II, has been named veteran’s counsellor for Allegany County by Edward J. Neary, director of the New York State Veterans Affairs Division.

He left Monday for Albany to undergo a three weeks’ course of training in his new work. The counsellors are being named for each county of the state. Their job will be to work with returning war veterans, explaining to them the GI Bill of Rights and other veterans’ legislation and helping them to get back into civilian life.

The position is distinct from the county service officer, who will be named by the Board of Supervisors.

It is expected that the Allegany county office will be located either in Belmont of Wellsville.

Transcribed by Joanne LaForge, volunteer