In 1898, in the administration of President McKinley, when war was declared against Spain, Alfred boys responded promptly.    

Alfred and Alfred University contributed eleven stalwart young men as volunteers when the last call came on Sunday. May 1, 1898.  The following men joined the 47th Separate Company of Hornellsville, New York, and from there went to Camp Black, Hempstead, Long Island:

Raymond Cottrell, Winfield R. Crandall, Richard L. Carter, John M. Gilbert, Frank G. Place, George Townsend, Miles Jordan, John D. Groves, James A. Crandall, Arthur W. Davis and Fred C. Wiggins.

The last four named were members of the University student body.

On the last of May the men were transferred to Camp Alger, Dunn Loring, Va. This place was about eight miles from Washington.  Here were stationed 25,000 troops representing 14 states.  In August the men were moved to Camp Meade, Middletown, Pennsylvania. 

The war was of short duration and the men were mustered out of service on September 13, 1898.


Taken from the History of Alfred, NY.  by Cortez R. Clawson and submitted by William A. Greene, 2006.