These persons either enlisted from the town of Alfred, or were residents here and were members of the G.A.R. Post.

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Allen, D. Sylvester

Maxson, William P.

Allen, Gideon S.

McBibeny, Andrew

Allen, Nathan H.

Miller, William

Andrews, Towner Philetus

Mosher, John M.

Armstrong, Andrew J.

Ormsby, Cyrenus P.

Babcock, Milton S.

Ormsby, Daniel Orson

Barber, John

Ormsby, Rowland

Benjamin, Silas (Sergt.)

Palmiter, Edwin S.

Berry, Charles W.

Palmiter, Russell H.

Beyea, Frank

Place, Benjamin F.T.

Bliss, Edwin S. (Com. Sergt.)

Place, Milo S.

Burdick, Asa Clark

Place, Thomas J.

Burdick A. Delos

Place, William O.

Burdick, James T.

Potter, Adelbert E.

Burdick, John C,

Potter, Elverton

Burdick, Sheffield W.

Potter, Reuben S.

Burdick, Thompson

Potter, William Riley

Butler, Samuel D.

Proper, Nelson

Callen, William E.

Randolph, Sylvester W. F.

Cartwright, L. D.

Remington, Oscar

Clarke, Stephen B.

Rogers, Albertus C. (Leiut.)

Cornelius, Ellery

Rogers, Orra S.

Cornelius, Milo

Rogers, Orville M.

Cottrell, A. Boardman

Rogers, William A.

Crandall, Albert R. (Lieut.)

Rogers, William H.

Crandall, Charles H.

Rose, Elis

Crandall, James R. (Brev. Lieut.)

Rose, William A. (Capt.)

Davis, Henry G.

Ryno, Augustus K.

Davis, Henry Morell

Satterlee, Andrew H.

Eaton, Charles L.

Saunders, William Albert

Ernst, William H. (Rev.)

Shaw, Anthony V.

Estee, Charles B.

Shaw, Henry W.

Evans, Phebe (Morton) (Nurse)

Sheppard, Mark

Everett, David D.

Sisson, George S.

Fenner, Elisha P. (Lieut.)

Smith, Richard G.

Fuller, John G.

Spencer, Benjamin H.

Gamble, James Lee (Q.M. Sergt.)

Stillman, Horace

Gardiner, William

Thomas, Marshall

Greene, Daniel W.

Thomas, William G.

Greene, Lucius C.

Titsworth, Thomas B.

Hall, Clark H.

Utter, George

Hoard, James W.

Vincent, Paulding

Hull, Thomas

West, Delos

Kenyon, Jarvis S.

West, Henry G.

Langworthy, George I.

Whitford, Daniel

Langworthy, Isaac M.

Whitford, Samuel

Langworthy, John F.

Whitford, Sylvanus C.

Lee, Daniel B.

Williams, Alvin A.

Lewis, Amos C.

Williams, G. Asher

Lewis, Daniel

Williams, William D.

Lewis, Lester D.

Witter, Leroy

Maxson, B. Frank

Woodard, Alonzo B.

Maxson, Daniel B. (Lieut.)

Woodworth, George H.

Maxson, Darwin E. Chaplain)

Woodworth, Leonard

Maxson J. Edmund B.

Worden, Andrew L.

Maxson, Sanford L.


Taken from The History of the Town of Alfred by Cortez R. Clawson and submitted by William A. Greene, 2005.