The following List is from the records filed upon surrender of the cemetery to the Town of Alma by the Allentown Cemetery Association. 


ALLEN, Lawrence B."Mike"; World War II

ALLEN, Myron; War of 1812

APGAR, Jacob; Civil War

BOYD, Virginia A. "Ginnie"; Sgt., U. S. Army; Served WWII & Korea; Only female veteran buried in Allen Cemetery.

BUTTS, Frank; Civil War

CADY, Earl F.; WWI, CPL U.S. Army; b.3/26/1889,  d. 1/25/1985

CADY, John – WAR OF 1812; b.2/5/1751, d. 2/7/1845; Rev. War - Fought with Vermont


EVANS, Charles; Civil War; Served 1862-1865

HOWE, E. C.; Civil War

NEFF, William

NEFF, Jacob – WAR OF 1812; b. 1760, d. 10/31/1849

OST, Jacob

PHILLIPS, Newton; Civil War; Wounded at Battle of Fredericksburg, VA

PHILLIPS, Marshall; Civil War; Father of Newton; Killed at Battle of Fredericksburg VA; GAR Post at Allentown named after him.

PHILLIPS, Delos; Civil War; Died from wounds, 1863.

RUSSELL, Robert Riley; Civil War