James L. Mesler - (1826 - 1901), Civil War Veteran, Company G, 64th NY Inf Vol


Below is a Genealogy Report of James L. Mesler listing parents and children


3-Generation, Genealogy Report for William Mesler

Information for this report are from records of Ronald G. Taylor.  Much of the information in the records was prepared & researched by William Richmond and by references to "The Metsellaer, Messler, Mesler Family Geneology" compiled by John E. Fiero - Ludlow, PA.


Below is the file of James L. Mesler of Alma, NY, in application for Civil War Pension

Original Pension Application Papers

Affidavits for James Mesler were issued by Elias Wyckoff, William George, Ed. D. Dickerson, and George S. Wilcox, residents of the Alma region.


Application of Maria Mesler, Widow Pension