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Below is Information for Veterans of Andover who served in Peace Time.

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Updated 1/2017

Service Information - Burials

Service Information - Andover Peace-Time Veterans

Name Banch Enter Discharge
Adams, Francis H. Army 4/0/1958  
Atwell, Carl E. Army 4/20/1955  
Atwell, Wayne O. Marines 6/0/1956 6/0/1958
Baker, D. Fredrick Air Force 0/0/1975 0/0/1980
Behn, Kimberly Y. Army 0/0/1983 0//0/1987
Bliss, Michael   1976 1980
Bolero, Richard A. Air Force 1959 1961
Briggs, Jeffrey E. Marines 0/0/1976 0/0/1980
Brooks, Galen H. Air Force 3/14/1956 3/13/1959
Butler, Robert E. Air Force 6/25/1957  
Button, Charles E. Army    
Carpenter, Robert Army 4/28/1955  
Chapman, Richard A. Navy    
Church, Claire W. Army 1930's 1930's
Connor, James J. Marines 6/30/1955 7/1/1959
Connor, Michael P. Army 0/0/1955  
Cook, Verl D. Army 0/0/1955 0/0/1958
Cornell, Billy D. Air Force 0/0/1977 0/0/1981
Denning, Jack E. Navy    
Dibble, Monica(Berner) Navy 8/0/1978 4/0/1984
Gayhart, Edward L. Air Force 6/0/1959  
Gram, Charles "Andy" Marines 1975 1979
Gram, James A Navy    
Granic, Joseph Marines    
Grossman, Jesse E. Army 4/20/1955 7/26/1957
Grossman, Leonard S. Navy 0/0/1977 0/0/1981
Grossman, Pamela K. Army 0/0/1976 0/0/1979
Grossman, Richard Army   8/2/1957
Hallady, William N. Army    
Halsey, LeRoy C. Navy 0/0/1955 0/0/1957
Harder, Richard V. Army 7/0/1958 12/0/1958
Harkenrider, Edward J. Army   7/0/1960
Haskins, Kathy Ann Air Force 1975 ? 1980 ?
Hincher, Harvey Militia 9/1/1829 6/18/1838
Howland, Joe Army    
Hulse, Lyle Army 8/15/1955  
Hulse, Ronald Army    
Johnson, Fredrick L. Navy 6/22/1955  
Kemp, Earl E. Army    
Kemp, Victor Coast Guard 9/0/1959  
Lehman, Carl Army 11/0/1959  
Lehman, Charles Army    
Lewis, Erwin Donald Marines 6/30/1955 0/0/1959
Manroe, Elmer J. Air Force 2/19/1955 12/22/1960
McAndrew, George F. Army    
McAndrew, James Navy 0/0/1955  
McCormick, Paul J. Navy 0/0/1955  
McCormick, Terry R. Army    
McKinley, John E. Army    
Mickle, John L. Marines 9/5/1958 12/21/1960
Mingus, Donald E. Army    
Monroe, Elmer J. Air Force 2/19/1955 12/22/1960
Pelton, Dale F. Air Force 12/7/1955  
Perry, John Kenneth Army 12/24/1920 5/5/1921
Phellps, Roger C. Air Force 8/19/1956  
Preston, Douglas A. Army 0/0/1979 0/0/2007
Rifenburg, Harold Marines 6/30/1955  
Rozintoski, Richard L. Air Force 8/19/1956 2/12/1960
Ryan, Karol Ann Navy 7/13/1959  
Scribner, Duane D. Air Force 7/5/1955  
Seamans, Fredrick P. Navy    
Silsby, Arthur J. Marines 4/0/1958  
Spencer, Dale L. Coast Guard Unknown Unknown
Spencer, Donald D. Army 1/0/1957  
Steadman, Richard D. Army    
Stocking, Ronald L. Army 8/0/1957  
Tanner, Clifford E. Marines 8/0/1956  
Wheeler, George A. Air Force 7/5/1955  
Wright, Bradley N. Marines 8/23/1956  

Burials - Andover Peace-Time Veterans

Name Born Died Buried
Adams, Francis H.      
Atwell, Carl E.      
Atwell, Wayne O.      
Baker, D. Fredrick      
Behn, Kimberly Y.      
Bolero, Richard A. 11/9/1942 9/16/2014 Hillside, Andover
Briggs, Jeffrey      
Brooks, Galen H.      
Butler, Robert E.      
Button, Charles E. 3/5/1928 7/13/1991 Hillside, Andover
Carpenter, Robert      
Chapman, Richard A. 7/18/1939 4/23/1996 Valley Brook, Andover
Church, Claire W.      
Connor, James J.      
Connor, Michael P. 10/13/1934 5/9/2016 Sacremento CA.
Cook, Verl D. 10/13/1937 6/9/2008 Cremated
Cornell, Billy D. 3/29/1957    
Denning, Jack E. 7/19/1943 8/30/2003 Hillside, Andover
Dibble, Monica (Berner)      
Gayhart, Edward L.      
Gram, Charles "Andy"      
Gram, James A 8/30/1928 8/30/1995 Valley Brook
Granic, Joseph 2/15/1939 10/2/1972 Gate of Heaven
Grossman, Jesse E. 3/3/1935 7/30/1998 Hillside, Andover
Grossman, Leonard S.      
Grossman, Pamela K. 5/19/1958 4/4/2012 Howard Cem. Howard N.Y.
Grossman, Richard      
Hallady, William N.      
Halsey, LeRoy C.      
Harder, Richard V.      
Harkenrider, Edward J. 5/3/1936 12/27/1996 Deltona, FLA.
Haskins, Kathy Ann 6/1/1957 12/9/2011 Whites Corners, PA.
Hincher, Harvey 5/4/1809 11/16/1880 Leonard Cem. Elm Valley
Hulse, Lyle      
Hulse, Clair, Ronald 11/10/1941 4/1/2001 Stuarts Draft, VA,
Johnson, Fredrick L.      
Kemp, Earl E. 7/2/1888 9/20/1963 Valley Brook, Andover
Kemp, Victor      
Lehman, Carl 2/15/1940 11/5/1997 Indian Town Gap Cem.Pa.
Lehman, Charles      
Lewis, Erwin Donald 3/30/1937 1/27/2004 Hillside, Andover
Manroe, Elmer J. 11/8/1937 2/24/1976 Hillside, Andover
McAndrew, George F. 8/27/1925 9/9/1992 Gate of Heaven, Andover
McAndrew, James      
McCormick, Paul J.      
McCormick, Terry R. 4/1/1967 10/10/1992 Valley Brook, Andover
McKinley, John E. 9/27/1938 7/23/2003 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Mickle, John L. 7/4/1940 10/26/1992 Fla. Nat. Cem. Bushnell
Mingus, Donald E. abt. 1927 8/26/2006 E.Sharon, Shinglehouse
Pelton, Dale F. 4/5/1934 1/30/1961 Hillside, Andover
Perry, John Kenneth 1/0/1901 5/5/1921 Hillside, Andover
Phellps, Roger C.      
Preston, Doughlas A.      
Rifenburg, Harold      
Rozintoski, Richard L. 4/23/1938 5/5/2013 Valley Brook
Ryan, Karol Ann      
Scribner, Duane D.      
Seamans, Fredrick P.      
Silsby, Arthur J.      
Spencer, Dale L. 10/27/1938 12/22/2012 Stannards Cem.
Spencer, Donald D.      
Steadman, Richard D. 9/17/1926 8/16/1963 Hillside, Andover
Stocking, Ronald L.      
Tanner, Clifford E.      
Wheeler, George A.      
Wright, Bradley N. 3/9/1938 1/29/1966 Stannards Cem.