Civil War Veterans

From Andover, New York


Compiled By William A. Greene

Andover, New York


Revised 2007
Revised 2012

Revised December, 2013
Revised January, 2016
Revised January, 2017

Copyright ©1992, William A. Greene. Revised 2007,2012,2013, 2016, 2017. All rights reserved.

Andover Civil War Veterans in Depth (pdf)


This book is dedicated to those men whose names are listed herein. These men, in one way or the other, had something to do with Andover, New York. Either they lived in Andover before or after the war, were members of the "GAR" post or are buried here. 
In my research I read that no town in Allegany County furnished more men in proportion to its population, for the Union Army, than Andover. Also no braver nor more fierce fighter existed than those from Allegany County, particularly the members of the 85th Infantry. Of the 378 deaths of this unit, 245 died while in enemy prisons. So to those brave men who fought in the Civil War, though their guns and voices are forever silenced, may we never forget them.



I wish to thank the following people for all of their help and information given to me throughout this project:

Mr. Robert A. Baker - for the use of the GAR list and the State Archives Papers and additional information and pictures.

Miss Margaret Wood - Andover Historian, for her hours of work gathering information and pictures for me.

Mr. John (Jack) Parker - from Belfast, for sharing his information on Cemeteries and burial sites of Civil War Veterans.

Mr. Francis Cable - for the years spent making sure flags were placed on Veterans graves and the list kept on each cemetery.

Mrs. Daphne Brownell - who compiled a series of genealogies on the people of Andover.

The Andover Free Library and the Alfred State College and the wonderful staff for the use of their helpful information.

Fred Kelley - for lending a hand in putting this book together.

Mrs. Marcia Bond - for sharing her information on the different Regiments from New York State.

To my wife Sheila - who had to look at papers every day, all over the place, and who spent many hours helping me find unmarked graves.

To Allegany County Clerk, Robert Christman for sharing the New York State 1865 Census of Allegany County.

A very special “Thanks” to Teri Vanderpool from Gig Harbor, Washington, for her 20 years of helping me research the these soldiers. Many histories would have been incomplete with out here. THANK YOU Teri!


I’m sad to say that Teri Vanderpool died of cancer in the spring of 2013. We’ve lost a great friend and a wonderful researcher.  She would not give up on a project until it was exactly right.  She is sadly missed.  Rest in peace my friend. 

This Project started while putting American Flags on Veteran's graves

for Memorial Day in 1992. It was noticed that most of the tombstones on the

Civil War Veterans graves were in very bad condition. In order to get new stones

I had to provide the government with information proving that these deceased

men were actually in the Civil War.

I started with about 70 names taken from a list of cemetery records kept

by Francis Cable. After all of my searching, I ended with over 297 names of men

who had lived in Andover at one time or another. I have tried to fill in as much

information as possible on each veteran. Some of these people never came back

from the war and were buried on the battlefield. Some moved to different areas

of the United States, never coming back to this area, so their histories are


I hope this book will help you some way. Thank You!


The following list was taken from the Description Book of The Edward Seaman Records, Number 481 Grand Army of the Republic Record published by the U.S. Government. It shows that 142 men returned from the Call to Service from the Town of Andover. The remainder probably moved here after the war or lived in nearby Towns, but belonged to the Edward Seaman Post. Only 72 are listed as members of GAR in 1889.

Edward L. Seaman

Fulton W. Bundy

Rollin T. Baker

George H. Brown

Thomas K. Adams

Chauncey R. Baham

Charles L. Cartwright

Humphrey Conrad

Lorenzo D. Cartwright

Loring H. Cole

Francis M. Deming

Henry G. Davis

Albert E. V. Durand

Mortimer Fowler

William Leroy Green

Ethan S. Green

Daniel T. Graves

William Hardy

Johnson W. Houghtaling

George Hincher

Thomas Jones

William Talbot Collins

Joseph J. Jones

Jason B. Kaple

William H. Lewis

Theodore Livermore

Henry Perry

Albro H. Popple

Jason H. Popple

John Slocum

Bradley W. Smith

Henry L. Cartwright

Myron H. Tanner

Robert C. Ware

Perry G. Wells

Mathias Corwin

J. Lester Eaton

Lewis Halsey

George H. Porter

K. Marion Wood

Henry Lambert

John Bullard

John W. Williams

Erwin Davis

Albert A. Davis

Christian F. Arnold

Nelson Burdick

Stephen A. Davis

Jared G. Deming

Napoleon P. Lasher

Judson Scribner

William E. Gardner

John A. Hulbert

Samuel D. Warren

John C. Burdick

William H. Harrison

John Townson

Edwin Brown

Ira Baker

Elisha R. Baker

Edwin M. Livermore

Lewis H. Hall

Daniel Hall

Levi W. Dodge

William H. Catlin

Henry S. Smith

Thomas Guinn

Lyman C. Bentley

Austin Kemp

Volney D. Sackett

Sheffield W. Burdick

George H. Houghtaling

A. C. Fosbury

Nelson P. Wood

John C. Cartwright

Samuel Hunt

Samuel S. Randolph

Lorenzo D. Henderson

William H. Shults

Varnum G. Hall

Levi D. Baker

George B. Herrick

George W. Crandall

Sylvester D. Pickett

Elijah J. Bullard

Homer D. Perry

Seth S. Baker

George W. Wescott

Elden H. Chase

John M. Mosher

Michael Shields

Elisha R. Carpenter

Henry C. Coleman

Benedict C. Smith

Harrison Mourhess

Timothy H. Barker

Lewis T. VanWie

Sidney Crandall

Thompson A. Richardson

Charles Raplee

Clark Boyd

Frank M. Bassett

John J. Wilcox

William H. Hudson

Almond C. Crandall


Jesse C. Green

William R. Orvis

Patrick Barrett

Edward Jones

Roswin W. Hardy

Charles A. Shelly

William Jones

George L. Morgan

David W. Morgan

J. J. Johnson

James A. Woolhiser

Ethan A. Edwards

Charles H. Hayes

John A. Travis

Elan Green

James W. Doyle

Eli H. Turner

William H. Friar

Albert H. Clark

Silas G. Burdick

Charles H. Richardson

Briney Doran

Daniel W. Green

Oscar Remington


William W. Emery




Andover Civil War Veterans in Depth (pdf)