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Andover Men Who Have Died In The Service      
Civil War 51      
Thomas R. Adams died while POW 7/12/1864 Andersonville, Ga.
Clarence F. Ames killed in action 4/2/1865 Petersburg, Va.
David B. Baker killed in action 8/9/1862 Ceder Mt., Va.
Ira Baker died while POW 9/7/1864 Andersonville, Ga.
Joseph R. Baker Unknown 9/15/1864 Chattanooga, Tenn.
Rollin T. Baker died of Yellow Fever 10/19/1864 Camp Palmer, N.C.
John D. Beagle died while POW 10/15/1864 Florence, N.C.
George H. Brown died while POW 8/24/1864 Andersonville, Ga.
Newell Brown died while POW 2/16/1865 Wilington, N.C.
John C. Burdick died of disease 11/9/1861 unknown location
Nelson, Burdick killed in action 4/13/1863 Ft. Bisland, La.
James Carr died 6/17/1865 Elmira, N.Y.
Henry L. Cartwright died 3/4/1865 Savannah, Ga.
Lorenzo D. Cartwright died of disease 3/2/1865 Jeffersonville, Ind.
William T. Collins died while POW 11/30/1864 Florence, S.C.
Humphrey Conrad died of wounds 9/22/1864 Governors Island, N.Y.
Marvin Corwin died while serving Unknown Unknown
George W. Crandall Jr. died of disease 12/24/1862 Savage Station, Va.
Henry G. Davis died while POW 9/7/1864 Andersonville, Ga.
Francis M. Deming died while POW 9/12/1864 Andersonville, Ga.
James L. Eaton died 4/26/1862 Newport News, Va.
Henry T. Graves died while POW 9/5/1864 Andersonville, Ga.
Jacob Graves died while POW 9/25/1864 Danville Prison, Va.
Elan Green died of disease 7-/1863 New Berne, N.C.
Ethan S. Green died while POW 6/3/1864 Andersonville, Ga.
William L. Green killed in action 5/9/1864 Battle of Wilderness,Va.
Daniel Hall died while POW 1/30/1865 Florence, S.C.
George Hincher died of disease 4/3/1865 Willets Point, N.Y.
Julius V. Hoffer died of disease 9/24/1863 Washington, D.C.
Amos V. Houghtaling died of disease 10/10/1862 Harrisburg, PA.
Johnson W. Houghtaling died of disease 10/23/1863 Alexandera, Va.
Louis Husker died of disease 6/10/1862 White House Landing Va.
James Jones died of disease 3/21/1864 New Orleans, La.
Joseph J. Jones died of disease 8/25/1863 Baton Rouge, La.
Theren, Jones died of disease 10/6/1863 New Orleans, La.
Jason, B. Kaple killed in action 9/19/1864 somewhere in the south
Napoleon Pope Lasher died 0/0/1865 Unknown
William H. Lewis died of disease 7/1/1862 Andover, N.Y.
Edwin, Livermore killed in action 6/17/1864 Petersburg, Va.
Frank B. Maxson killed in action 9/19/1864 Winchester, Va.
George Proper killed in action 4 or 5 1865 Petersburg, Va.
Judson, Scribner died of disease 1 or 2 1865 Savannah, Ga.
Edward L. Seaman died of disease 7/20/1864 Andersonville, Ga.
George Skinner died of disease 7/-/1862 Transport ship
John Slocum died of disease 7/23/1864 Petersburg, Va.
Charles W. Sortore died of disease 6/9/1864 Washington, D.C.
Myron, H. Tammer died while POW 7/24/1864 Andersonville, Ga.
William E. Vaughn died of Yellow Fever 12/14/1864 Savannah, Ga.
Robert C. Ware killed in action 518/1864 Battle of Wilderness, Va.
Elisha P. Wells killed in action 8/20/1862 Ellis Mills, Tenn.
John W. Williams died of disease 3/1/1863 Brashear City, La.
World War I (4)      
Phillip K Barrett killed in action 10/13/1918 France
William J. Dodge died of pneumonia 1/10/1918 Camp Green, N.C.
Earl I. Helmer killed in action 9/28/1918 France
Thomas M. Lynch killed in action 8/10/1918 France
World War II (8)      
Charles R. Burgett killed in action 10/1/1943 Switzerland
Raymond L. Cartwright killed in action 6/6/1944 D Day in France
William H. Crosby killed in action 9/19/1944 France
Claude A. Drew Jr. killed in action 9/23/1943 Atlantic Ocean
William J. Doughterty killed in action 8/3/1943 Southwest Pacific
Donald E. Hardy killed in action 5/26/1945 Pacific Theatre
Charles W. Lever killed in action 4/21/1945 Pacific Theatre
Frank W. McKibben killed in action 6/15/1944 Pacific Theatre
Korean War (1)      
William H. Gorsuch died of injuries 10/14/1952 Korea