"The following list of names of those who served our Country in World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam War and Boys who enlisted.I have not listed the ones in previous wars as they are listed in the Allegany County History Book.  In Belmont we found some names but found out that unless the people involved took their discharge papers to Belmont they were not recorded."  (Charlotte Gessel, Historian)


Allen, Burton

Allen, Daniel

Allen , Dennis

Allen, DuWayne


Barber, Paul

Barnes, James S.

Barnes, James (Stub)

Barnes, Lawrence

Barnes, Robert

Barrett, Lawrence

Baxter, Douglas

Baxter, James

Beckwith, Herbert

Bixby, Harold L.

Bixby, Kenneth

Bixby, Leonard

Burger, Clayton

Burger, Gregory

Booth, Virgil

Butts, Martin

Butts, Theodore, Jr.


Carlson, Jr.

Carlson, Lauie

Carlson, Michael

Carrier, Howard

Casler, Richard

Casler, Robert

Casler, Russell

Chamberlain, D.H., Jr.

Chamberlain, Douglas

Cheney, Donald

Childs, Alanson

Childs, Bernard

Childs, Christopher

Childs, Clayton

Childs, Leon Norwood

Childs, Mearl

Childs, Wesley

Clark, Ernest

Clark, James

Clemons, Clarence

Cole, Howard

Congdon, Basil

Congdon, Clair

Congdon, Paul

Conklin, Basil

Conklin, William

Cotton, Irene

Cotton, Robert

Crooks, Charles

Davis, Richard

Dennis, Manley

Dennis, Robert

DeYoe, Richard

Drake, Charles

Drake, Harold

Dunmire, Charles

Dunmire, David

Dwailebee, Alvin

Dwailebee, George


Eaton, Melvin

Enos, Dana


Faulkner, Jerry

Ferrington, Louis

Ferrington, Richard

Ferris, Robert

Fitzgerald, Robert

Foster, Cleo

Foster, David

Foster, Donald

Forster, Lawrence

Foster, Norman

Foster, Stanley

Frost, Lewis

Frost, Theodore


Gessel, Larry

Graves, Douglas

Graves, Richard A.

Grimes, Marvin

Gross, Roy


Hall, Richard

Hamilton, Jerry

Hamilton, LaVerne

Hammond, Bill

Harvey, Merle

Hedden, Clifford

Hedden, Richard

Herring, Earl

Herring, John

Herring, Robert

Higby, Alan

Higby, Arthur

Higby, Jack Vernon

Higby, Larry

Higby, Lloyd

Higby, Vernon Jr.

Hills, Fred

Hitchcock, Lewis

Hopkins, Roger


Jadwin, Robert

Jordan, Bucky

Jordan, Ted

Jordan, Wm.


Kingsbury, Leo

Kingsbury, Steven J.

Kinney, Harold

Kinsey, Charles

Kratts, Lewis

Kyser, Daniel

Kyser, Dennis Blair

Kyser, Donald

Kyser, Richard

Kyser, Robert


LaFever, George

Lamberton, Perry

Lamberton, Richard

Learn, James

Learn, Robert

Lewis, Malcolm


Marsh, John

Miles, Paul

Monroe, Earl

McCarthy, James

McCarthy, John (Jack)

McIntyre, David M.

McIntyre, Joan

McIntyre, Mark

McKelvey, Dextor

McKelvey, James

McKelvey, John

McKelvey, LaVerne


Neu, Otto

Neudeck, Dean

Nichols, James

Nichols, Norman

Nobles, Clarence

Nolan, James


Partridge, Donald

Partridge, Robert

Parry, Laddie

Perkins, Bernard

Perkins, Gailerd M. Jr.

Perry, Kirby

Perry, Stanley

Peterson, Donald

Peterson, John

Pettit, Donald

Pettit, Duncan

Pierce, Edwin

Pierce, James

Pierce, Thomas

Potter, Douglas

Potter, Jerry

Potter, Lisle

Powell, Frederick

Powell, Frederick C.

Pytcher, Richard E. Rev.


Quirk, James Jr.

Reitz, Neil

Rhodes, Robert

Richard, David

Richmond, Denzil Clyde

Richmond, Leslie

Rinehults, Chester

Rinehults, Edward

Rinehults, Gary

Robinson, Leslie (Butch)

Ross, Dale

Ross, Kenneth

Schoonover, John

Shelley, Donald

Smith, Donald

Stewart, Ralph

Stewart, Rolland Gael

Stoddard, Arthur

Stoddard, Sidney

Stohr, Clyd

Stohr, Stephen


Thornton, Henry

Todd, Malcolm

VanPatten, Royce

VanDruff, Lowell

VanHorn, Howard

Voorhis, John

Wallace, Lee

Wells, Mack

Whitcher, Theodore

White, Harley

Whiteman, Kenneth

Wightman, David

Wightman, Douglas

Wightman, Ronald

Wilder, Roy

Wilkinson, Grant

Wiltsey, Norman

Wiltsey, Paul

Wolfer, Daniel

Wolfer, Duane

Wood, Alfred

Woodkirk, Charles

Woodkirk, Garth

Wyatt, Cleo

Wyatt, Ward


Zelko, John

Zelko, Louis

Zelko, Robert

The above list was prepared by ... Gessel, Former Historian for Town of Clarksville and published in the Sesquicentennial Book 1835 - 1985.