The following is excerpted from the book "Rushford and Rushford People", by Helen Josephine White Gilbert, 1910.


OLIVER CROMWELL BENNETT served as a private in Capt. Eell's company, Col. Durkee's regiment, Connecticut Line. Being but sixteen at the opening of the war he first accompanied the regiment in 1776 as a cook or officer's servant. He was in the battle of Long Island August 27, 1776, narrowly escaping capture. Later, in 1780, he was a regularly enlisted man under arms. The records show that he served all of the year 1781.

Ephraim Morrison enlisted April or May, 1780, and served nine months, Captain Levi Stockwell ; enlisted April, 1781, and served six months. Captain Dial Sherwood; enlisted October, 1781, and served three months. Captain John Armstrong, Colonel Webster. He engaged in a skirmish between Bloody Pond and Fort George. At time of enlistment he lived in Salem, N. Y. He applied for a pension October 30, 1832, while living in Rushford. He was born in Salem, Washington County, Sept. 10, 1763; died Oct. 15, 1847 at Rushford. He married at Salem, October, 1781, Lucretia Henderson. He moved to Ovid, N. Y., soon after the close of the war and thence to Rushford. There were three sons and a daughter, Rachel, who married David King, Aug. 16, 1798. Widow was allowed a pension in 1848 while a resident of Rushford, aged eighty-five years.

James Gordon — No record in Bureau of Pensions.

Eneas Gary — Age 18; private; enlisted at Lebanon, Conn., January or February, 1776, served two months, Captain Jeremiah Mason ; enlisted May or June, 1776, served six months. Captain John Isham ; enlisted August, 1776, served two months, Captain Green ; engaged in battles of Long Island and White Plains. October 30, 1832, while living in Rushford, he applied for a pension. The claim was allowed.

Jonothan Going — Age i8; private; enlisted at Lunenburgh, Worcester County, Massachusetts, July or August, 1779, served seven months, Captains Nathan Smith and Jacob Haskins; enlisted July, 1780, under Justin Ely, commissioner at Springfield, served six months. Captain Phineas Bowman; enlisted July, 1781, to October, 1781, Captain Jonathan Sibley. June 19, 1834, while living at Hinsdale, Cattaraugus County, New York, he applied for a pension. The claim was allowed. He was born at Lunenburgh, Massachusetts. He lived in Vermont from 1782 until 1814.

Daniel Kingsbury of Enfield, Hartland, and Sandisfield, married, February 7, 1771, Rose Pease, daughter of Benjamin Pease of Enfield. He lived in Enfield on land given him by his father; he was sergeant of the company raised in Enfield for the Lexington Alarm, under Major Nathaniel Terry. — "Connecticut Men in the Revolution." He was appointed ensign in the Second Battalion of State Troops, November, 1776, and served in Rhode Island under General Wooster the following year.

Joshua Wilson of Goffstown, New Hampshire, private in Capt. Samuel Richard's company in Col. John Stark's regiment. Entry— April 23, 1775. Signed receipt for coat money October 10, 1775. Private in Capt. Samuel Blodgett's company in Col. Enoch Poor's regiment ; mustered at Goffstown, March 22, 1777. The selectmen's return of Goffstown men engaged in Continental Army during the war also- contains his name.

Charles Swift — Enlisted May 15, 1775; service, December, 1777; rank, private; captain. Waterman Clift. Enlisted 1780; service, two months; rank, sergeant; captain, Noel Potter. Enlisted 1781 ; service, three months; rank, sergeant;captain, Noel Potter. Enlisted 1781 ; service, eleven days; captain, Ichabod Robinson. Residence at enlistment. Clarendon, Vermont. Engaged in the battles Dorchester, New York and Germantown. May 7, 1818, while living in Rushford, he applied for a pension ; his claim was allowed. He was born June 26, 1754, and died February 20, 1820, at Rushford. He married at Wallingford, Rutland County, Vermont, August 17, 1779, Johanna Jackson, born March 31, 1764. She was allowed a pension on application executed July 21, 1837, while a resident of Rushford. The children were Heman, Abigail, Lorain, Rachel, Charles, Jackson, Samuel, Lurany, Harry, Claricy, Amanda, Van Ransalaer, Betsey, Lorena and George.

Samson Hardy: Appears with rank of private on Lexington Alarm Roll of Capt. John Moore's company, which marched on April 19, 1775, from Bedford, Mass. Length of service, nine days. Town to which soldier belonged, Bedford.

The name Samson Hardy appears on a company receipt, given to Capt. John Ford for wages to October i, 1776, dated Ticonderoga, October 2, 1776, and endorsed. "25 July 76 marched from Chelmsford ; discharged at Albany 1 Jany 77’’