From "The Spirit of Rushford, 1808-1858", published for the Rushford Sesquicentennial, 1958.



MM 3/c Edward Babbitt, USN, May 1951-August 1952. North Africa and Central America. Sgt. James C. Babbitt, USA, May 1953-August 1957 3 years in Korea, US Military Academy Band. Sgt. Lawrence Babbitt, USA, February 1951-February 1954. Sgt. Gene Alister, USA, August 1953-December 1956. S/Sgt. James Bialy, USMC, February 1951-February 1954. 15 months in Korea. Re-enlisted December 1957 Pfc. John Bialy, USA, January 1951 January 1954. 2 years in Italy. S/Sgt Budd Brown, USAF, January 1950-October 1953. Served in Japan. Re-enlisted February 1955. Cpl. Douglas Brown, USA, September 1949-October 1952. 14 months in Korea. S/Sgt. Myron D. Brown, USAF, November 1951-November 1954. 9 months in Korea. Re-enlisted. Flight Mechanic in Bomber Command. Sp 3/c Nelson J. Brown, USA, August 1953-August 1956. Cook at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

S 1/c Herman Clark, USN, February 1952-November 1953. USS Sierra in Mediterranean. S 3/c Martin Clark, USN, November 1947-November 1956. 27 months in Germany Pvt. Raymond Clemons, USA, 1952-1955. Re-enlisted. Served in Korea. Rm 3 c Richard Cole, USN, June 1952-June 1956. 4i/2 years USS Tarawa and USS Leyte. Served in Mediterranean, Iceland, Puerto Rico. Cpl. Theodore Crowell, USA, April 1953-April 1955. 18 months in Korea. S/Sgt. Richard Dolph, USAF, October 1951 to present. 2 years in Japan. Pvt. E2 Arlene Edwards, WAC, 1952-1953. Pfc. Herbert Francis, USA, October 1950-October 1952. 17 months in Germany Cpl. La Verne Francis, USA, November 1952-November 1954. 18 months in Korea. Pfc. Norman Francis, Jr., USA, May 1951-May 1953. 18 months in Korea.

William Furniss. EMP2 Willis Griese, USN, February 1951-December 1952. 15 months USS Carpellotti and USS Lloyd. Cpl. Richard Klein, USA, July 1953-June 1955. Pfc. Duane Kofahl, USA, June 1951 July 1953. 1 year 7 months in Germany. Cpl. Wesley Kofahl, USA, August 1946-February 1958. 1 year 6 months in Korea and Philippines. MF 1/c Norman Lafferty, USN, January 1952-December 1953. AT 2/c William Leidich, USN, August 1952-August 1956. Aviation electronic technician. 1 year in Far East, USS Hornet and 2 months in [Caribbean], USS Forrestal. Pfc. Stanley Luce, USAF, May 1945-November 1946. Cpl. Gerald Moyer, USA, April 1953-April 1955. AM 2/c Alton Pettit, USN, July 1950-April 1954. 1 year 11 months in France, Spain and Italy. USS Coral Sea.

Cpl. Sherwood Pomeroy, USA, January 1952-January 1954. 11 months in Korea. Pfc. Walter Powell, USA, February 1951-February 1953. 13 months in Korea. Cpl. Ronald Riley, USAF, December 1950-January 1952. Pvt. Dean Stubbs, USMC, February 1951 -June 1951 Medical Discharge. Sgt. Harold Swartz, USN, November 1951-November 1954. 1 year in Korea. Sgt. Arthur Sweitzer, USA, November 1951-November 1954. 12 months in Korea. Cpl. Clark Sweet, USA, March 1953-June 1956. 12 months in Alaska. Sgt. Lawrence Sweet, USA, November 1952-February 1956. 13 months in Korea. Capt. George E. Taylor, Jr., USAF Served 3 years in World War II. Re-enlisted 1950-1951 with Medical Corps at Walter Reed Hospital. Cpl. Ralph Taylor, USA, March 1953-March 1955.

Cpl. Richard Taylor, USA, November 1950-May 1952. Cpl. Theodore Taylor, USA, November 1950-November 1952. 1 year in Germany. S/Sgt. James Walden, USA, August 1950-September 1953. Served in Korea. ME 2/c Alton J Westfall, USN, July 1950-May 1954. Sgt. Gordon Williams, USA, July 1951 June 1954. 35 months in Korea. A 1/c Russell Wilmot, USAF, September 1955-[??, Wilmot was still serving at the time this list was compiled in 1958.]