(Large [about 22” oval frame] Photo contributed to Thelma Rogers Genealogical & Historical Society by Karen Dickerson; Research and caption information supplied by Mary Rhodes. Photo touchup by William A. Greene.  3/29/2015)

Walter E Sheriff Oct 7, 1887 – June 14, 1919

Walter Sheriff

(This photo will be shared between Andover & Wellsville.  At present it will be displayed at Thelma Rogers Genealogical & Historical Society.  When a public display area becomes available at Andover Historical Society it will be displayed there.  MR)

Walter was born in Hartsville and moved to Andover.  His mother died early in the 1900’s and he and his father moved to Wellsville.  Before WWI he was a self-employed plumber in Wellsville and he enlisted from Wellsville.

Walter was gassed during the war and was sent home to the United States Debarkation Hospital #3 in New York City, where he died.  His remains were returned to the area and he is buried in Hillside Cemetery in Andover with his mother.  His name is on the Wellsville memorial in Memorial Park.  Walters grandparents are in Woodlawn, he is a civil war veteran.

(Note:  Spelling of name varies dependent on where you look.  Could be Sherrif or Sheriff.  At Hillside Cemetery it is listed as Sheriff.)