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Dean Veterans, West Almond NY




I wanted to add to your site the following information about the Dean family (that) lived in West Almond, NY.

During the Civil War the Dean family joined the Union troops.  George Dean and his Brother, Theodore F Dean, (sons of Nathan and Miranda Williams Dean) and Marshall and Adinoeubus Uberto Dean (aka  Euberto Dean), (sons of Charles and Hannah Hanks Dean)  were all Grandchildren of Daniel Dean, a War of 1812 veteran.

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Above obituary of Daniel Dean is full of local history....


GeodeaGeorge Dean (above) NY 1st Dragoons 86th NY


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  • George Dean - NY 1st Dragoons 86th NY
  • Theodore F Dean 188th NY

Marshall Dean

  • Marshall Dean Mich Vols 13 CO G
  • Adinoebus Uberto Dean(Adino Euburto Dean) Sheman'S Army Mich Vol 13 Co G 



Theodore Dean died in Washington DC hospital.
Adinoebus Dean died during the battle of Bentonville NC and is still buried on the field.
George and Marshall returned to Allegany County becoming farmers and business men.
George Dean had a lumber mill in Belmont and then later moved Silver Creek, Chautauqua County NY,  but, returned to Allegany County many times to visit family and Friends.
George Dean was active in GAR and his son, Frank Dean, was in Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.

His grandson, William Dean, was in World War 1.

Theodore Dean's Great Grandson, Dan Dean, was in the 1932 Olympics for Track.
Marshall Dean's Grandson,  Kenneth Dean, was Sargent in world war 2.  He lived in Allegany County around Belfast NY before moving to South Carolina.

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