Ackerman Elisha Co. I, 189th N.Y. V.
Ackerman Lewis H. 1st Lieut. 189 Reg. N.Y.V.
Bassage Amos  
Bentley James Co. I, 189th N.Y. V.
Berry Michael Co. D, 18th PA Cav.
Bierman Charlie Died at Andersonville
Briggs Fernando C.  
Briggs Mack  
Brundage Wesley Co. I, 189th N.Y. V.
Brundage Ira Co. A, 105th N.Y.V., Apr. 24, 1863
Burlingham William F. Sgt, Co. H, 85th N.Y.V.
Byam Simon Co. G, 46th Reg. PA V.
Campbell Lucius (ian)  
Campfield Francis M. Co. C, 179th Indiana
Cate George Washington  
Chandler George   Died at Harper's Ferry
Cline C. F.  
Cornell Daniel E. Co. B, 104th U.S.V. 1841-1935
Covel James T. Co. E, First Dragoons, Cpl
Crittendon James G. 1st Sgt. Promoted to 2nd Lieut.
Daniels John  
Danihi William   Co. I, 199th Reg U.S.V. 1843-1918
Darling Gersham Co. I, 189th N.Y. V.
Duell Jake  
Fanton Sanuel Randall Co. A, 197th Reg. U.S.V. at 17 yrs, died Elmira, Apr. 22, 1864
Fanton Jacob  
Fenton Lyman  
Fosbury Julian R. Co. H, 85th Reg. U.S.V.
Gardner Alvirus  
Gardner John  
Gardner William  
Gardner Alec (father of Alvirus, John & William)
Ghostley Peter Co. I, 189th N.Y. V.
Gleason Charles Co. C, 194th N.Y.V.
Graves Seth Co. I, 189th N.Y. V.
Graves Charles  
Green Riley Co. I, 189th N.Y. V.
Green William R.  
Guiness William Co. I, 189th N.Y. V.
Guinup Ephriam Co. A, 197th N.Y.V. 1848-1926
Harrington John  
Hawkes R. J.  
Heers Hartwick Co. I, 189th N.Y. V.
Hendrikson William Co. K, 136th Infantry
Henyon William F. Co. H, 85th N.Y.V.
Houghtaling Johnston Co. E, NY Dragoons, Died Alexandria 10/23/63
Johnston Jacob Staff Sgt.  Buried at Mt. Pleasant, VA.  Monument in Beach Hill Cemetery
Jones Lyman J. Co. J, 53rd Reg., PA V. 1847-1933
June Jesse  
Kelligan Joseph  
Kelligan John  
Kruzen Isaac A.  
Kruzen Francis H. Co. I, 189th N.Y. V.
Lampe Henry  
Lee Wilson  
Lestner John Co. H, 85th N.Y.V.
Lewis George W. Co. E, 19th Reg. PA Cav. Corps, 1st Div. Died on battlefield 7/11/1864, age 22 yrs.
Lisher Henry  
Mapes Thomas  
Miller Moses  
Moore William W.  
Information found in the Collection of Loie Foster Clark Odell & donated to the Allegany Co. Historical Society.
Hopefully more will be located to make this a more complete listing.