Agricultural Statistics

Of Allegany County

From the Census of 1870

*The number of farms in the county was 5,084; of which eight contained less than three acres, 390, between three and ten, 482, between ten and twenty, 1,643, between twenty and fifty, 1,320, between fifty and one hundred, 1,234, between one hundred and five hundred, five, between five hundred and one thousand and two, one thousand or over. 

*The county contained 354,804 acres of improved land, 214,278 acres of woodland and 22,846 acres of land otherwise unimproved.

*The cash value of farms was $18,232,213, and of farming implements and machinery, $715,648.

*The amount of wages paid during the year including the value of board, was $334,496.

*The estimated value of all farm productions, including betterments and additions to stock, was $4,319,981.

*The value of orchard products was $156,611; of the produce of market gardens, $655; of forest products, $150,695; of home manufactures, $110,414; of animals slaughtered or sold for slaughter, $516,613; and of all livestock $3,597,066.

*The number of horses was 11,705; of milch cows, 27,849; of working oxen, 1,672; of other cattle, 16,844; of sheep, 79,054; and of swine, 7,885.

*The number of bushels of spring wheat produced was 96,945; of winter wheat, 98,776; of rye, 16,434; of Indian corn, 135,850; of oats, 800,600; of barley, 29,558; of buckwheat, 96,554; and of potatoes, 384,687.

*The number of pounds of wool produced was 410,168; of butter, 1,908,721; of cheese, 220,880; of hops, 53,014; of maple sugar, 402,568; and of honey, 32,802.

*The number of gallons of wine produced was 311; of maple molasses, 1,780; and of milk sold, 3,397,465.

*The number of tons of hay produced was 134,797.

submitted by William A. Greene - 2006