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If anyone is interested in viewing our displays or have questions they may call the phone numbers provided below.  We are planning our annual May Open House during Memorial Weekend.

Shallee Lauzze, 607-356-3566
Sue Dempsey, 607-356-3488
Roger Easton, 607-356-3536



The Town of Independence Historical Society has published 3 history books as related to our Town.  These books are entitled History at a Glance – Book I, Book II and Book III.  Below you will find a brief description of the contents of each.  All books contain many photos along with brief historical information related to the subject matter.  Each book contains a page devoted to photographs of places as they looked long ago and how they look “today”.  A Mystery photo is also featured, asking the reader to see if they can identify the individual, with the answer found on a later page.  Each book is at least 24 pages in length.

HISTORY AT A GLANCE – Book I (Published in April 2008)

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Borden’s Milk Condensory
  • New York Pennsylvania (NYP) Railroad

HISTORY AT A GLANCE – Book II (Published in April 2011)

  • Whitesville House
  • Cow Palace
  • Lyric Theater
  • Business Directory (1824-1950’s)
  • Local citizen, Avon lady – Sophie Teater
  • Taylor Evaporator Plant
  • Camp Jones
  • Ice House

HISTORY AT A GLANCE – Book III (Published in April 2014)

  • Race Track of the 1890’s
  • Opera House
  • Civil War soldier – Selic A. Sawyer
  • Seneca Lodge
  • Ham & Leek Dinners
  • Story of the Pine Sapling
  • Memoriam Page of I.H.S. members:  Dorotha Harris, Dolores Phillips, Doris Pfeiffer and Patricia Stebbins

These books can be purchased at $8.00 per book plus $2.00 for shipping and handling.  Please provide your name and the address where books are to be mailed. 

Mail your check to:                         Independence Historical Society

                                                                540 Main Street

                                                                P.O. Box 121

                                                                Whitesville, NY  14897

You may also email any questions or inquiries to:

We also have a 1971 Sesqui-Centennial book which was published in July 1971.  It is a well done compilation of the history of the Town of Independence but unfortunately is not for sale.  Copies can be viewed at the Independence Historical Society.